Global Gmail outage - is blocking new forum-account signups which use Gmail

Dear new and existing users,

Gmail’s global outage is preventing users from receiving their new forum-account verification emails.

May we suggest please that you consider using another email service provider in the mean time.

Existing forum users who have gmail-emails listed in their accounts might want to consider the same.


Defending Gibraltar Forum Admin.

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Do you mean it is wise to user users like Yahoo please,? Apart from Yahoo, do you know of any email service providers please?

Thank you kindly.

I think the gmail/ google issue might be fixed by now?
Their outage didn’t apply to yahoo. seems to be quite good.
You’re welcome.

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Thank you kindly, however when I try replying from my email direct, it blocks.

Thanks for the suggestion.

You’re welcome.
You can replace the existing email in your defending-gibraltar account with a new one by clicking your Account icon (top right), then clicking the Head-and-Shoulders man icon (top right), and then selecting ‘Preferences’.

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