Gibraltar's Past, Present & Future

This Is How Gibraltar Transformed From A Miltary Base To Holiday Destination

This Is How Gibraltar Transformed From A Miltary Base To Holiday Destination ...

NOSTALGIC Gibraltar -

Gibraltar has been a British outpost since 1704. This film visits the British Overseas Territory as it prepares to become a holiday destination.

With war on the horizon, will Gibraltar turn its focus back to be a military garrison?

Find out more about Gibraltar's past and future - His Rock of Defence.


Experience Gibraltar: A little piece of England on the Mediterranean

Here's a tourism-article about Gibraltar:

Here's Prophecy about Gibraltar:

Prophecy - Divine and Infallible, tells us that:-**Spain does NOT hold a Key to Gibraltar's extremely "bright" future because The ONLY KEY :old_key: to its future Sovereignty is on The Flag.


How safe is Gibraltar and its Brit-ish Sovereignty?

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1 March 2023 Tourism Article:

10 Very Best Things To Do In Gibraltar

The # 1 Best Thing to Understand About Gibraltar – It's Christ's Rock of Defence.


Re-Enactment of The Past:-

Military parade of the British Royal guard in Gibraltar

Military parade of the British Royal guard in Gibraltar

Re-Enactment Society - Gibraltar

The Ceremony of the Keys is performed once a year by the Royal Gibraltar Regiment and re-enacted every Saturday morning at midday by the Gibraltar Re-enactment Association. Since the capture of the Rock in 1704, the Keys of Gibraltar have symbolised the possession of the Fortress by Great Britain.

Founded in 2002, the Association celebrates and promotes Gibraltar's military history. The President of the Gibraltar Re-enactment Association Joseph Rodriguez, accompanied by Secretary Mr M Infante, presented the medallion to Minister Cortes in recognition of the support of the Ministry of Culture for the Association throughout its history.

Glimpse of The Future:-

The ONLY Key to Gibraltar's future is on The Flag - As a "Sign", of Gibraltar's renewed commitment to keeping The Covenant, when it makes that very serious commitment, the castle, on the flag, will have to be re-coloured back to its original blue (to demonstrate that the People agree that God and not Satan should rule Heaven).

Re-enactment Association in Changing of the Guard - How about they perform a ceremony, handing over the keys to the Real Governor of Gibraltar?

With or without their support or recognition - Christ HOLDS THE KEY to Gibraltar's Bright Future.


Victory at Sea Episode 5: Mediterranean Mosaic

Gibraltar B-w

Minute 4:55 - "For the British, control of the Mediterranean rest literally on a rock: Gibraltar, guardian of the narrow strait that leads from the Atlantic to the sea in which serves as a moot around Hitler's southern flank..."

1952 Documentary Television Series about naval warfare during World War II and the warfare industry. There are 26 1/2 hour segments. The Series won an Emmy award in 1954 as "Best Public Affairs Program". This series played an important role in establishing historic "compilation" documentaries as a distinct genre. Malta, the central access point to various locations in the Mediterranean Sea is a key island possessed by the U.K. but also desired by the Germans and Italians. Malta was therefore subjected to 'round the clock bombing so as to garner it;s capitulation.Malta survives 1774 bombardments. With :gibraltar: Gibraltar also being the property of the U.K., every means must be taken to control entry into the Mediterranean Sea.

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Gibraltar Apes – Barbary Macaques – Featured in this BBC Earth programme (Apri 9th 2023):-

The Last Wild Monkeys in Europe I Coexistence I BBC Earth

The Last Wild Monkeys in Europe I Coexistence I BBC Earth

“The Rock” in Gibraltar is home to Europe’s only wild monkey, the endangered Barbary macaque. But these monkeys are competing for their habitat, as around one thousand tourists travel to their territory on a daily basis. Can they peacefully co-exist alongisde humans?

Animals are learning to survive and thrive in one very surprising habitat - cities. Join wildlife presenter Hannah Stitfall as she sets out on a mission to meet our new neighbours.

Fiona - From Avid Gardener's YT Channel...

She discusses not only royal visits but also the border, its long-queues, life in Gibraltar and Spain, Brexit, cost of living and more. A glimpse of "present" Gibraltar:

Why the Queen could not visit Gibraltar

TOP Secret in Gibraltar.

TOP Secret in Gibraltar

Graham Hesketh gives a bit of a history lesson on Gibraltar, including the tunnels.

Hesketh owns the dolphin advanture boat in Gib. Recently, his wife Fiona was featured above - Why the queen could not visit Gibraltar.

​'The Awakening' immersive audio & visual experience now available to view at St Michael's Cave

You may already know that the light-show in St. Michael's Cave is called "The Awakening" - Great title.

What you'll find interesting from the above report is this quote from Christian Wright, Wright Tech Media, who was referring to the new feature - an appearance of an angel, using the formation of the cave and the newly installed lights, "(the formation) was discovered by accident, and just almost felt like a bit of a sign, excuse the religious pun, but it was almost like St. Michael finally was found in the cave..."

‘The Awakening' at St Michael’s Cave

If they only realized the half of it -

Especially given the true awakening to come in Gibraltar.

An older all-encompassing type of article about Gibraltar.

A few errors, but lots of photos, including ones I haven't seen before:

The "last colony" in Europe? | Growing up in Gibraltar


The "last colony" in Europe? | Growing up in Gibraltar

At the Southern tip of the Spanish peninsula is a piece of land measuring under 7 km2, whose GDP per capita is one of the highest in the world: it's Gibraltar.

Gibraltar is one of Britain's overseas territories, and according to its citizens, it's happy to be one. Commuting to Spain for groceries and restaurants, welcoming thousands of Spaniards coming in for work daily, the lives of those living under the Rock are an extraordinary mix of English and Spanish culture.

We went to the country that Spain defined "the last colony in Europe" to ask a young Spanish person and a young Gibraltarian what it means to grow up under the Rock.

The young man in the video mentions they "need something". What they need is to unite The Campo:

British Actress Michelle Keegan explores her Gibraltar roots!

A bit of history and culture is told within the video.
Michelle Keegan uncovers some exceptional women on her family tree. On her mother's side Michelle discovers that her Gibraltarian great-grandmother Leonor had to up sticks when all women and children and the elderly were evacuated from harm's way in Gibraltar to the apparent safety of London during the Second World War, a month before the start of the Blitz.

Maybe she has social media to tell her about he real significance of Gibraltar.

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We here preach to the choir mate

It would be nice if this were an interesting sign about The Lord expanding The Campo in the near future:

A monkey from Gibraltar sneaks into a high school in La Linea:

Un mono de Gibraltar se cuela en un instituto de La Línea

GBC - Barbary Macaque that climbed over frontier fence remains at large in La Linea

Barbary Macaque that climbed over frontier fence remains at large in La Linea

The Clue of the Missing Ape

The Clue of the Missing Ape, a.k.a. Gibraltar Adventure, is a 1953 English children's film largely set in Gibraltar.

Touches on the local legend that if the animals ever die or disappear, Gibraltar will fall to Britain's enemies. Features a bit of miliary history on The Rock as well.

Watch/download on Internet Archive - The Clue of the Missing Ape : GB Instructional Films : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Found this tourism-type article today about Gibraltar. It does feature a video from Rick Steeves from 13 years ago, but the article is new.


The Enigmatic Rock of Gibraltar: British Soul in Spanish Sunlight

by Kevin Erickson - excerpts:

Have you ever been struck by the urge to explore a place that's a melting pot of cultures, yet unmistakably unique? Nestled where the roaring Atlantic meets the tranquil Mediterranean lies the Rock of Gibraltar.

Kevin Erickson recalls the awe he felt standing atop the Rock of Gibraltar, gazing at two continents and two vast water bodies. But the intrigue doesn't end with panoramic views.

Erickson's escapades led him to some lesser-known treasures. "Don't miss the Mediterranean Steps," Kevin advises, "It's a slightly challenging hike but offers the best views!"

A Journey Through Time

Setting foot on Gibraltar is like stepping into a time machine. Each layer of its dense history peels back to reveal tales of ancient sailors, fierce battles, and the eternal dance between empires. From the Phoenicians to the Moors, and from the Spanish to the British, this rock has seen civilizations rise and wane.

Read the entire article.

I found this interesting given he wrote Gibraltar is growing in popularity; and it's real Biblical history, where the tribe of Gad, and others, settled. Jeremiah The Prophet and Teia Tephi made it to Gibraltar where they hid The Ark of the Covenant in St. Michael's Cave. Find out more about Gibraltar's history and bright future - His Rock of Defence

Gibraltar Explained

Gibraltar Explained

Video Description: Welcome to Gibraltar! Join me as I explore this iconic location where Europe meets Africa. In this video, we’ll journey through the history and culture of Gibraltar, visiting the famous Rock, exploring the Great Siege Tunnels, and meeting the Barbary macaques. We’ll also uncover the strategic significance of this British Overseas Territory and its breathtaking views over the Mediterranean. Whether you’re interested in history, wildlife, or stunning landscapes, this tour of Gibraltar has something for everyone. Let’s dive into the heart of this unique crossroads of civilization!

Learn more about Gibraltar's History and Future – Christ's Rock of Gibraltar