Gibraltar's Freedom of Information Act comes into force

The Act will initially only apply to those public authorities that are listed in the Schedule of the legislation.

The first three departments of Government to be listed will be the Department of Education, the Human Resources Department and the National Archives.

The staff in those three departments have received training conducted by the GRA in order to familiarise themselves with their duties and obligations under the law.

“It needs to be understood that this Act and the administrative practices created under it are not set in stone, far from it,” said the Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Joseph Garcia, who took the legislation through Parliament.

“The Government has made it abundantly clear, in Parliament and elsewhere, that we intend to proceed slowly and with caution in order not to repeat the same mistakes that were made elsewhere when this type of legislation was first introduced.”

A Freedom of Information portal will be added to the e-services section of the Government website

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