"Gibraltar, contrary to the UK and to the disadvantage of its democracy, does not have a ministerial or MP code or lobbying rules, and is the only member of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association not to have a Public Accounts Committee. Yet in the UK, which has all, the press and wider outrage surrounding former UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, shines a bright light onto the perceived possibility of deeper flaws that may still exist there.

In Gibraltar, the absence of any parliamentary or ministerial codes, lobbying rules or Public Accounts Committee does not seem to even lift anyone’s eyebrows locally or the eyes of the UK as administering power, whose appointed Governor is responsible, under the Constitution, for the “peace, order and good government” of Gibraltar.

Gibraltar’s shortcomings are made worse by the lack of a separation of powers and the limitations suffered by our press, which lacks independent resources to investigate.

The publicised inadequacies in the UK, according to Transparency International, obscure transparency in lobbying, the application of the ministerial code and the connections between governments and the private sector."

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