Gibraltar-Morocco Relations

If Spain wants to play hardball, fruit and veg can be obtained through Morocco...


Victory for Gibraltar as it may 'no longer need to rely on Spain' as Morocco makes offer

Gibraltar and Morocco are just 10 miles apart, separated by the narrow Strait of Gibraltar, but trade between the two regions has remained minimal.

British residents of Gibraltar could be set to benefit from a new commercial route to Morocco that would boost trade and employment opportunities - and mean the British territory may no longer need to rely on goods from Spain.

Joshua Lhote, president of the Gibraltar-Morocco Business Association, told Radio Gibraltar that serious alternatives to Spain can be found in Morocco.

The association says it's been working hard to create an effective commercial route between Gibraltar and Morocco to allow for the provision of products and services currently available through Spain.

Mr Lhote was keen to stress that developing relations with Morocco would not come at the expense of trade with Spain, rather that residents of Gibraltar would have “both options”.

The new trade relations, though still a distant prospect, could revolutionise living in the British Overseas Territory.

He spoke of having a “ferry coming two or three times a day” to and from Gibraltar to Morocco - the shortest distance between the two is only 10 miles - to encourage bilateral relations.

This, he said, would “make Morocco as logistically close to Gibraltar as Spain” to everyone’s benefit.

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Gibraltar-Morocco Relations Actively Drive Trade Dynamics in 2023

Steven Marin, who serves as the spokesperson for the Gibraltar-Morocco Business Association, has a positive outlook on the future of Morocco and Gibraltar’s bilateral relations.

He highlights the developing dynamics between Gibraltar and Morocco and emphasizes the important role that his office in Tangiers plays in fostering these relations.

Marin stresses the significance of English language proficiency for young Moroccans and advocates for simplified visa processes in order to facilitate closer business ties.

The event was on 2 Oct 2023 - the British-Moroccan Society in Casablanca Gala Dinner. The Government of Gibraltar was one of the sponsors – from

Gibraltar-Morocco Ties through Commonwealth is ‘Ticket to Boundless Opportunities’

Jared Peralta, leading the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council Office in Gibraltar, seeks to strengthen Gibraltar-Morocco ties and explore collaborative opportunities within the Commonwealth, leveraging Morocco's rapid development and global investments.

He envisions a promising triangular partnership between Morocco, the Commonwealth, and Gibraltar, with Gibraltar serving as an access point to the UK, emphasizing the strategic advantage of Morocco's geographical location.

Peralta believes that Morocco's alignment with Commonwealth values, combined with its thriving economic zones like TANJA and Lagos, would make it a valuable addition to the Commonwealth, offering vast opportunities for mutual growth and development.

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Marin mentions Gibraltar means Gebal Tariq - which means The Rock of 'The Night-Visitant' - in Arabic