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Gibraltar zones divided into constituencies for ministers of new GSLP/Liberal government to oversee

The new system of zonal management for each minister along with the usual government departments is a lesson learned from the last elections, Deputy Chief Minister Joseph Garcia said.

It means the Chief Minister will now take on the portfolio for financial stability along with all his other responsibilities.

Deputy Chief Minister Joseph Garcia said “We are implementing a strategy by which we address the issues and concerns of the people of Gibraltar.

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This news follows the 12 OCT 2023 Gibraltar Elections, where the GSLP won by a narrow margin.

It was said that the election result was won by the slimmest margins in Gibraltar’s political history, meaning that the GSLP alliance will govern with nine ministers in place, whilst the social democrats (GSD) will have eight seats in parliament.

Fabian Picardo has revealed the closeness of the election result has been hurtful, but that lessons have been learned.

All nine government ministers share their priorities on tonight's Viewpoint programme called The Road Ahead, after being assigned their portfolios.

Ros Astengo spoke to the Chief Minister.

Fabian Picardo reveals 'hurt' at closeness of election result but says...