On the 31st December 2020 the news was that a framework Gibexit ‘deal’ had been reached between Spain/UK/Gibraltar, over our ongoing relations with the EU.

It came in the form of a Framework Agreement. The assumption was made by many, at that time, that the EU must be on the same page, as Spain had agreed it; that assumption is being proved wrong by EU related events that have unfolded and are developing since.

In July this year, the European Commission (EC) published a draft negotiating mandate about Gibraltar. It was immediately described by the UK and Gibraltar as conflicting with the Framework, and so unacceptable as a basis for negotiation of Gibexit.

So, what with the Spanish/UK/Gibraltar plan and where to now? It seems that it will die a death, unless and if the EU moderates its position.

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) seems to be going ahead with plans for a new airport facility in Gibraltar for MOD personnel, but will it be manned by Frontex or Spanish immigration officers?

Plans for commercial cooperation between Gibraltar and La Linea are also being announced. These indicate optimism that a ‘deal’ will be reached.

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