Getting ready for all the jab-injured in Gib.

In about a year from now, cardiac patients will be treated in Gibraltar, instead of having to cross the border to Spain. The GHA has signed a deal with Philips for the building of a new cardiac suite as well as a maintenance agreement.

Next year cardiac patients will be treated in Gibraltar instead of crossing...

The new suite and service agreement is expected to benefit patients; their stay in hospital will be shorter, relieving pressure on demand for hospital beds and ambulance services.

The facilities will bring St Bernard’s Hospital’s services up to full operating capacity, allowing more patients to receive cardiology treatments such as angiography, angioplasty, the treatment of artery blockages and minimally invasive replacement of heart valves.

Philips systems within the hospital will be upgraded with the latest technology, equipment in two x-ray rooms, a Fluoroscopy room, Image Intensifiers and Ultrasounds.

Hospital staff will also be able to use a new CT scanner alongside the existing one. The new scanner will reduce down-time and delays in diagnostics, allowing staff to expand services.

Director General Patrick Geoghegan, said the impact this new diagnostic equipment will have on the GHA's operation and on the quality of care is huge.

The Cardiac Association has welcome the announcement of a new cardiology suite, set to open on the Rock in the next year.

Suyenne Perez Catania appeared live on GBC News, emphasising the huge difference this will make to patients in Gibraltar.

Suyenne thanked the government for making good on this manifesto commitment.

Cardiac Association says new suite is a wish come true