Germany releases definitive data proving that deaths from “covid” ramped up AFTER the “vaccines” were unleashed


by Ethan Huff

It has long been the standard in Germany for the government to report adverse reactions to vaccines. Even when other countries conceal this type of data for political purposes, Germany tells the truth – and what the country recently revealed about covid “vaccines” is no exception.

The most definitive study to date, according to “A Midwestern Doctor,” looked at 35 individuals who died within 20 days of getting jabbed. Lengthy examinations revealed that 10 of them may have died from something else other than the shot(s), so these bodies were excluded.

The remaining 25 bodies died from things that are frequently linked to vaccination while five specifically died from myocarditis, one of the most common adverse events caused by covid injections.

In three of the cases, it was definitively determined that covid jab-induced myocarditis was the cause of death, which A Midwestern Doctor says is “very important … if it can also be proven that a large number of unexpected deaths are occurring following vaccination.”

There is also data from BKK, Germany’s largest insurance provider covering nearly 11 million Germans, showing that 2.05 percent of vaccine recipients subsequently sought medical care with a health care provider.

The Germany Political Party (AFD) responded to this by filing the German equivalent of a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for all other insurance data, which showed that many health conditions commonly associated with covid injuries increased substantially after the jabs were unleashed.

In short, the data clearly shows that covid-associated health damage and injuries only increased after the shots were introduced. Before that, they were relatively stable going back to at least 2016, long before covid appeared.

“Given these numbers, it is very difficult to argue that these events were not caused by something,” A Midwestern Doctor writes. “In this regard, we are also quite fortunate that while the vaccines were rushed to the market over a period of time far too short to establish safety, that process still took a year.”

“Because of this lag, it is possible to refute the reflexively cited counterargument that these changes were due to COVID-19 or the lockdowns, as these only occurred in 2020 (the only possible exception I can think of is that Delta emerged near the end of 2020, but the spike started well before Delta became prevalent in Europe later in 2021).”

All covid “vaccination” must stop immediately

Dr. Robert Malone tweeted a graph depicting this with a bar graph – see below. He likewise calls it the “most important dataset of the pandemic.”

(Related: Malone also called out the corrupt CDC for hiding covid data and committing massive scientific fraud.)

A Midwestern Doctor’s coverage of all the data is extensive, and if you are interested you can review it at length at The Forgotten Side of Medicine.

“Given the extremely concerning implications of the German data, it is not surprising that governments around the world and healthcare systems or insurance providers have been reluctant to release their own data,” a Midwestern Doctor concludes.

“It is my sincere hope that this release will open the flood gates to additional disclosures and I am in complete agreement with the conclusion of this presentation.”

What is that conclusion, you might be asking? In short, there must be an immediate suspension of all covid “vaccination” along with full autopsies conducted on those who died suddenly and unexpectedly after getting jabbed.

There must also be mandatory recording of the vaccination status of covid jabs and the used vaccine in all deceased, as well as regular publication of the associated data.


VP of German Parliament calls for full investigation into covid “vaccine” injuries and deaths

by Ethan Huff

Following the discovery that upwards of 30 percent of all deaths that he and his team have evaluated are linked to covid “vaccination,” Bundestag (German federal parliament) vice president Wolfgang Kubicki is calling for a full investigatory autopsy to be conducted on all deceased who died shortly after getting the needle.

All unexplained deaths that occur within 14 days post-injection need to be looked at with a fine-toothed comb, Kubicki argues. He wants all such cases to also be automatically registered as a suspected covid jab-related case with the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI).

Investigating a “link between vaccination, myocarditis, and death is imperative,” the Free Democratic Party (FDP) politician said.

In a speech, Kubicki referenced a recently published study by Peter Schirmacher, the chief pathologist at the Heidelberg University Clinic. That study, mentioned earlier, found that at least 30 percent of all deaths are now occurring not long after the deceased got “vaccinated” for covid.

“We are talking about a relevant number that makes it necessary to approach this problem systematically,” Kubicki said, adding that health authorities need to “regularly” conduct autopsies on all people who die within two weeks of injection.

“That also makes sense because the conditional approval of these vaccines took place under enormous time pressure,” he added. (Related: Earlier this year, German Dr. Sonja Reitz pegged covid jabs as the cause of her country’s “excess death” problem.)

Germany health policy spokesman says Schirmacher study “shows how little we know” about covid jabs even after two years

If covid shots were really safe and effective as claimed, none of this would be bubbling to the surface like this. The fact that it is shows that something went seriously wrong – probably by design, based on all that we now know.

Tino Sorge, the health policy spokesman for the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU), a prominent political party, believes that the Schirmacher study should serve as a serious wake-up call to German politicians to get their butts in gear and actually investigate these things already.

“Two years after the first covid vaccination, it is high time for a more open approach to vaccination side effects and vaccination damage,” Sorge said, adding that the study itself is worrying “because it shows how little we know about the risks of the vaccines even after two years.”

Now is the time, Sorge added, to start aggressively collecting and publishing all data associated with injuries and deaths potentially caused by covid shots. To not do this is to continue putting public health at risk with experimental chemical and biological drugs.

Schirmacher himself also spoke to WELT, a German media outlet, warning that much more research is necessary to assess vaccine damage if public health is to be preserved from further devastation.

“There are important unanswered questions that should be clarified either through comprehensive registration of all undesirable effects or as part of further research in the sense of vaccination improvement, vaccination indication, and civil protection,” Schirmacher said.

“Are there any genetic factors or certain previous illnesses – for example Autoimmune diseases – that predispose to severe vaccination consequences? Vaccination consequences are vaccine-dependent – but which characteristics and components of the vaccine determine this? Do certain types of applications play a role?”

BILD, another German news outlet, likewise addressed the matter, drawing attention to the growing number of politicians who are demanding further investigations into covid jab safety.

In the comments, several readers wrote that this is more than just a “problem” – it is genocide.

“Every last criminal involved in unleashing these deadly poisons needs to hang,” one of them wrote.

The latest news coverage about covid injections can be found at


[So, of course wicked Charles the eugenicist fake king knighted its CEO Albert Bourla, and it will come back to bite him.]

Pfizer lied, COVID vaccinated Germans developed AIDS, then one million died in less than a year according to secret German government data

Official Data shows Germany recorded just under 1 million deaths between week 1 and week 49 of 2022. This sadly resulted in the country suffering over 102k excess deaths.

This represents a 276% increase on the number of excess deaths recorded in the year 2020, which was the alleged height of the Covid-19 pandemic, and prior to the emergency use authorisation of Covid-19 injections.

Does this prove that the COVID Vaccinated did go on to develop Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome as predicted in an official report published by the ‘Robert Koch Institut?

Unfortunately, the evidence strongly suggests this is the case.

Pfizer lied, causing fully vaccinated Germans to develop Covid-19 vaccine-induced AIDS, which then contributed to 976,838 Germans losing their lives.

As the German government published data in January 2022, concerns about the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine began to rise.

Continued at link.


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