From Der Fuehrer Picardo

Let me start with the statistics in respect of the progress of the infection through our community.
The number of tests carried out now is 2,931.
We have 60 results pending.
We have received 2,871 results.
The number of confirmed cases remains static at 144.
The number of recovered cases is increased by 1 to 133.
The number of Active Cases is down to 11.
As at May the fourth, the number of deaths brought about in Gibraltar by THE PHANTOM MENACE that is the COVID-19 virus, remains zero.
And there are no patients confirmed with COVID-19 in any of our COVID wards or ERS.

From Christ:

In other words: it is the seasonal flu and a complete scam, with absolutely no justification for declaring it a pandemic, or having a dystopian lock-down.