Franco says that he has multiplied investments in La Línea by more than 70 since 2015.

The mayor of La Línea de la Concepción, Juan Franco, has quantified the amount invested in various projects for the city over the past eight years at 24.5 million euros, "a truly spectacular package of investments," as he pointed out.

The mayor explained that compared to the 350,000 euros invested in 2015, the year the current municipal team took office, "the investment has multiplied by more than seven thousand percent, that is, more than seventy times in eight years."

For the mayor, "the work of the municipal corporation is palpable and noticeable, achieving a large number of subsidies, both from European and regional funds, as well as from the Diputación de Cádiz, which involves a clear physical transformation of the municipality."

Juan Franco hopes to continue this line of work and achieve "very powerful actions" in 2024, such as the new project for the sports city, completing the Concepción Market, the Municipal Stadium, and the sewer system. Likewise, he is confident in being able to tackle other investments, including housing construction and road paving. He asserts that these data are "an incentive to continue working in this direction that the residents are appreciating and that marks a before and after in the city."