Forty-five candidates have been registered for the eight mayors of the Campo de Gibraltar

A total of forty-five candidates will be vying for the eight mayoralties of the Campo de Gibraltar and will make up the municipal corporations after the elections on May 28th.

This is reflected in today's Official Provincial Gazette (BOP) of Cadiz, which publishes the list of candidates of the electoral boards of the Algeciras and San Roque zones, in which the eight municipalities of the region are divided.

In Algeciras (27 councillors), there are seven candidates: PP, PSOE, Vox, Adelante Andalucía, IU-Más País-Para la Gente, Partido Andalusí, and Podemos.

In La Línea (25 councillors), there are also seven: La Línea 100x100, PSOE, Vox, IU, PP, Otra Línea Es Posible, and Podemos Cádiz.

In San Roque (21 councillors), seven formations are also participating: PSOE, PP, Vox, Ciudadanos, San Roque 100x100, PIVG, and Con Andalucía-IU-Podemos.

In Los Barrios (21 councillors), there are six candidacies: PP, PSOE, Podemos, Los Barrios 100x100, Vox, and Movimiento Barreño.

In Tarifa (17 councillors), seven candidacies are presented: PP, PSOE, Los Vedes Europa, Vox, Ganar Tarifa Para la Gente, Andalucía por Sí-Unión Andalucista, and Nuevos Aires Tarifa. Additionally, in the ELA of Facinas, PSOE and PP are running, and in Tahivilla, only PSOE.

Five formations are vying for the Mayor's office in Castellar (11 councillors): Chisparreros por Castellar, PP, PSOE, Vox, and IU.

Only three formations are running in Jimena (13 councillors): PSOE, IU, and PP. The same three are participating in San Martín del Tesorillo (11 councillors)."