Foreign Office updates Gib travel advice to warn of border delays and checks

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office has updated its travel advice for Gibraltar, highlighting the possibility of delays at the border with Spain.

The update posted yesterday also advises British travellers as to the stricter post-Brexit entry requirements and provided a link to the frontier cam.

“The Gibraltar-Spain border is a busy external Schengen border and Gibraltar is outside the Customs Union,” the advice said.

“Spanish border checks can cause delays when crossing between Spain and Gibraltar.”

“The Borders and Coastguard Agency has a live camera feed of the queue at the Gibraltar Frontier and up-to-date information on flights arriving and departing at Gibraltar International Airport.”

It linked too to entry requirements for Spain, which include passports issued within 10 years of entry date and valid for at least three months after proposed departure date.

It reminded travellers of the need to get stamped in and out, and of Schengen rules that mean British travellers can only remain in the Schengen area for 90 days in any 180-day period, unless they have EU residency or a visa.

The advice also reminded travellers that they could be asked to provide proof of funds, accommodation and return travel.

“Some travellers have not been able to provide the full documentation asked of them and have had their travel plans disrupted,” it said.

“For all visitors to Spain there are rules on passport validity and special restrictions on what you can and cannot take into Spain, notably meat and milk products.”

“There is no charge to enter or leave Gibraltar. Do not hand over money to anybody claiming there is a charge.”