China Floods - a Million Displaced/Beijing record flooding (typhoon)

Aug 5, 2023

More than a million displaced after record rain drenches northeastern China. Typhoon Doksuri - Beijing sees record flooding.

China Floods - a Million Displaced/Beijing record flooding (typhoon)

The Reason Why

Looking at the world today, it is going so drastically wrong and it appears that nobody is doing anything about it. Every day the environment is getting more and more polluted, the climate is becoming more erratic with un-seasonal storms; cyclones; floods and droughts. Nobody seems to have made the link between the exploding number of cars now on the roads, burning fossil-fuels which release excessive amounts of carbon-dioxide into the atmosphere, causing global-warming, and the adverse weather-patterns we have been encountering in recent years and have been blaming on the El-Niño effect. The El-Niño is actually being caused by pollution; deforestation and global-warming and is NOT a separate event that we can blame every natural disaster upon, as the media tend to do to make it seem like it's not our fault. But many people have made the link and are still doing the same things, continuing to destroy the planet; which is why it seems as though they haven't made the link. Perhaps they don't really care, or think that it's impossible to change. - more

Signs of The End Times

Another two factors that the "so-called experts" have not taken into consideration are:-

  1. The amount of water that millions of trees, before they were cut down, used to use and store. Millions of gallons that are now helping to cause floods. The climate change is not occurring at a constant slow pace. It is accelerating every day; like a runaway train going downhill, faster and faster; because mankind keeps putting more trees and petrol/oil on the fire, and there is an absolutely immovable-object at the bottom of the hill. - more

Norway evacuates thousands from worst floods in decades

Norway evacuated thousands of people as rivers swelled to their highest levels in at least 50 years on Wednesday and homes and businesses were submerged or swept away by landslides.

Major roads were closed and train services suspended across wide parts of southern Norway as rivers breached their banks, and authorities warned of more flooding to come in the days ahead as the water moves towards lower-lying coastal regions.

Innlandet county, one of Norway’s worst hit areas, said many people were isolated by the floods and that first responders may not be able to reach those in need.

“We’re in an emergency situation of national dimensions,” Innlandet Mayor Aud Hove said in a press release.

The government on Wednesday decided to mobilise more helicopters to take part in the evacuation, the ministry of justice and public security told broadcaster TV2.

No deaths have so far been recorded from the disaster, Norwegian authorities have said.

Strong winds, intense rain and landslides hit different parts of the Nordic region in recent days, knocking out power lines in Finland, flooding villages in Norway and Sweden and bringing public transport to a standstill in hard-hit areas.

On Monday, a Swedish train derailed when a railway embankment was washed away by floods, injuring three people.

Authorities in Norway and Sweden maintained red alerts, their most severe flood warnings, for several regions on Wednesday.

If it is not fires, it is flooding.

Severe storms in Germany: water masses flood the city center – emergency call overloaded


Hurricane Hilary live updates: Storm speeds up as Southern California residents prepare for 'catastrophic' flooding

The storm weakened to a Category 1 with maximum sustained winds around 90 mph Saturday night, the National Weather Service said.
Updated Aug. 20, 2023,

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Africa’s deadliest storm in recorded history struck eastern Libya on Sunday and Monday

Storm Daniel made landfall on Sunday, September 10th, prompting authorities to declare a state of extreme emergency.

Africa’s deadliest storm in recorded history struck eastern Libya on Sunday and Monday, leaving thousands dead and an already struggling society faced with a mammoth recovery effort. Storm Daniel’s preliminary death toll of 5,300 in Libya. Storm Daniel is also the deadliest storm globally since at least 2013 when Super Typhoon Haiyan killed 7,354 people in the Philippines.

Nearly 10,000 people are missing in Libya after a severe storm slammed into its eastern coast this week, according to the Red Cross.

‘Sea is constantly dumping bodies’: fears Libya flood death toll may hit 20,000

International aid is slowly starting to reach the devastated port city of Derna as questions are raised over how as many as 20,000 people may have died when Storm Daniel hit the northern coast of Libya on Saturday night.

Ten thousand people were declared missing by official aid agencies such as the Libyan Red Crescent, but the ominous higher estimate of 20,000 deaths came from the director of al-Bayda medical centre, Abdul Rahim Maziq.

Corpses still litter the street, and drinkable water is in short supply. The storm has killed whole families and, with the remoteness of some villages and the rudimentary nature of municipal government, it will take time for the death toll to be confirmed.

But the scale of devastation appeared even worse than officials had initially predicted. The “sea is constantly dumping dozens of bodies”, said Hichem Abu Chkiouat, the minister of civil aviation in the administration that runs eastern Libya, adding that reconstruction would cost billions of dollars.

Gut-wrenching death toll from biblical Libya floods soars to 11,300 with 10,100 still missing after storm disaster

THE death toll following Libya's devastating floods has soared to 11,300, with more than 10,000 still missing.

A major dam collapse washed a 10ft deep torrent of water through the eastern city of Derna on Sunday - wiping out everything in its path.

Health authorities previously put the death toll in Derna at 5,500, but according to the Libyan Red Crescent, this number has since risen to a gut-wrenching 11,300.

However, local officials suggest the death toll could be much higher than announced.

In comments to the Saudi-owned Al Arabia television station on Thursday, Derna Mayor Abdel-Moneim al-Ghaithi said the tally could climb to 20,000 given the number of neighbourhoods that were washed out.

The apocalyptic Strom Daniel also killed around 170 people elsewhere in the country, including the towns of Bayda, Susa, Um Razaz and Marj.

A U.N. official said Thursday that most casualties could have been avoided.

“If there would have been a normal operating meteorological service, they could have issued the warnings,” World Meteorological Organization head Petteri Taalas told reporters in Geneva.

“The emergency management authorities would have been able to carry out the evacuation.”

The International Committee of the Red Cross added that it has provided 6,000 body bags to local authorities, as well as medical, food and other supplies distributed to hard-hit communities.

Death Toll Soars Amid Deadly Floods in Libya | Vantage with Palki Sharma

Death Toll Soars Amid Deadly Floods in Libya Vantage with Palki Sharma

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