Floods in Spain

Zaragoza July 6, 2023

Catastrophic damage in Zaragoza, Spain from flash flooding like a Tsunami

The weather has been quite unstable in the peninsula in recent months, in which most expected high temperatures and clear skies. One of the last places that are suffering the consequences is Zaragoza, where this Thursday afternoon there was a strong storm that is causing chaos in the Aragonese capital.

The region was hit by a series of storms in a short period on during the afternoon and evening of 06 July 2023. The State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) reported the town of Alcañiz in Teruel Province recorded 46 mm of rain in a few hours, with 27.6 mm falling in just 10 minutes. Meanwhile in the region capital Zaragoza, the weather station at Valdespartera in the city recorded 54 mm during the storm, and 19.6 mm in 10 minutes. Videos shared on Social Media showed raging flood waters sweeping through central parts of the city of Zaragoza, in particular along the Z-30 road in the Parque Venecia neighbourhood. Firefighters had to rescue around a dozen people who were trapped on the roof of their vehicles or clinging to trees.- Spain – Dramatic Flash Floods in Zaragoza After 20mm of Rain in 10 Minutes – FloodList