Fear in La Línea after several violent robberies in establishments in recent days.

La Línea is currently experiencing a wave of robberies and attempted robberies in establishments. According to information gathered by this newspaper from people close to the affected parties, the latest of these incidents occurred on the night of last Wednesday, December 27th, in a store near the new hospital. Two individuals, with their faces covered, forcefully enter and assault the employee of the premises, while taking his mobile phone and stealing what was in the cash register. Finally, in response to the employee's pleas, they end up throwing the mobile phone back. The video has spread through instant messaging applications in the last few hours.

Sources related to the investigation confirmed that this incident took place on Gabriel Miró Street in La Línea, around 10:20 p.m., and that a complaint has already been filed, describing how two hooded individuals, brandishing knives, had entered the grocery store, stealing an undetermined amount of money and immediately fleeing the scene. The same sources ensure that appropriate measures are being taken to investigate the authorship of the events and proceed with the arrest of the perpetrators.

According to information obtained by this outlet, there have been at least four robbery attempts or completed robberies in the surrounding areas in recent days. Three days ago, a sports betting establishment in the town experienced a new assault, after two weeks earlier, individuals had entered and violently attacked an employee with an axe.

In addition, another establishment, in this case a bingo hall, would have been the target of an attempted robbery when an individual approached violently with a knife and tried to enter the premises, although employees managed to close the door and take refuge inside before he could reach them.

The same sources point out that there is great concern among residents about this succession of violent acts.

Consulted police sources indicated that "at this time of year, it is very common to have this type of robbery because many people who are now released from prison return to the same criminal activities, and during this time, it is very attractive for those who engage in theft because there is more money in stores and businesses." That's why the National Police have activated the Secure Commerce Plan.

NOTE: At the explicit request of the establishment owner, guided by police recommendation, we have interrupted the dissemination of the robbery video.