Faster patrol boat for Guardia Civil raises incursions concern

What has been billed in Spain as the fastest patrol boat on the planet has just been presented to the Guardia Civil in the port of Sotogrande. The fast interceptor launch is expected to be deployed to the area around Gibraltar thereby raising concerns about an increase in the number of incursions into British Gibraltar Territorial Waters (BGTW).

The vessel, named Rio Flumen, boasts a top speed of 60 knots which is three times as fast as other Spanish patrol boats in the area. It also features the ability to turn 360 degrees at speed and in a short distance, which is expected to be useful when conducting a high speed chase out at sea. The firm Aister, which built and designed the fast launch, informed those present at the Sotogrande presentation that it carried two 1800 hp engines and a light aluminum hull, which obviously accounts for the high speed that it can reach. They also boasted that it can come from a top speed to a complete halt within a distance of 36 metres. Obviously all this comes with a price tag of some 1.9 million euros.