Fake Science, Invalid Data: There is No Such Thing as a “Confirmed Covid-19 Case” – There is No Pandemic


“The PCR is a Process. It does not tell you that you are sick”.

Dr. Kary Mullis, Nobel Laureate and Inventor of the RT-PCR, passed away in August 2019.

*“…All or a substantial part of these positives could be due to what’s called false positives tests.”

*Dr. Michael Yeadon: former Vice President and Chief Science Officer for Pfizer

This misuse of the RT-PCR technique is applied as a relentless and intentional strategy by some governments to justify excessive measures such as the violation of a large number of constitutional rights, … under the pretext of a pandemic based on a number of positive RT-PCR tests, and not on a real number of patients.

Dr. Pascal Sacré, Belgian physician specialized in critical care and renowned public health analyst.

The Covid-19 Pandemic Does Not Exist

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, November 15, 2021

The Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction Test (RT-PCR)

The slanted methodology applied under WHO guidance for detecting the alleged spread of the virus is the Polymerase Chain Reaction Test (RT-PCR), which is routinely applied all over the World.

The RT-PCR Test has been used Worldwide to generate millions of erroneous “Confirmed Covid-19 cases”, which are then used to sustain the illusion that the alleged pandemic is Real.

“Confirmed” is a misnomer: A “Confirmed RT-PCR Positive Case” does not Imply a “Confirmed Covid-19 Case”. (But used as a justification to impose the “vaccine” passport coupled with the repeal of fundamental human rights.)

Invalid figures pertaining to Covid-19 are routinely plastered on the news tabloids.

Meanwhile, both the media and the governments have turned a blind eye to the rising trend of Covid-19 vaccine deaths and adverse events, which are confirmed by “official” government agencies.

The procedure used by the national health authorities is to categorize all RT-PCR positive cases, as “Confirmed Covid-19 Cases” (with or without a medical diagnosis)

Corruption at the highest levels of the WHO: Several critics including Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg confirmed that the H1N1 Pandemic was “Fake”.

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