FACT CHECK: Covid was mild and barely killed anyone – ventilator-acquired pneumonia, on the other hand, killed millions

SARS-CoV-2, it turns out, was relatively mild the entire time, afflicting most people with little more than a cold or sniffles. The establishment health system, however, was told and incentivized to make it appear like another black plague, which sent countless millions to an early grave through the “treatment” modalities they were offered.

One of those so-called treatments was ventilators, which caused patients who otherwise would have survived, in most cases, to develop a serious case of ventilator-acquired pneumonia. This, Northwestern researchers found, is why millions died – again, not because of covid itself.

“Those extra infections caused many deaths in Covid patients, the researchers wrote. More patients may have died from the bacterial infections than Covid itself.”

American hospitals murdered patients with ventilators, data shows

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The symptoms of people thought to have covid-19 before the use of their bioweapon injection correlated with pulmonary thrombosis (caused by 5g radiation or biochemical warfare/aerosol?). Mechanical ventilation in such cases would exacerbate illness and subsequently lead to death. Development of pneumonia could occur as a secondary illness. Differential diagnostics between pulmonary thrombosis and pneumonia can be a challenge. Making an incorrect diagnosis can be deadly, because mechanical ventilation is contraindicated in people with pulmonary thrombosis. The question is (the elephant in the room is) how could this differentiation be overlooked when it was known that D-Dimers (evidence of blood clotting) was elevated in patients thought to have the disease called covid-19? Why was mechanical ventilation requiring high PEEP levels used? Such practice is lethal with pulmonary embolism and exacerbates disease making death likely.

Pulmonary Thrombosis and Thromboembolism in COVID-19

Pulmonary embolism in the mechanicallyventilated critically ill patient: is it

Remember when we told you MRNA injections will attack your genetic weakneases bringing about disease and death?