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Stew EXPOSES Bloomberg, Releases Clip From Upcoming Documentary “Died Suddenly”

By [Stew Peters]October 6, 2022
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Doctor Mihalcea has also been a leader in the fight for the medical and ethical freedom of doctors during the Covid panic. She is also a special expert on the topic of vaccine shedding. And she has developed a marker to determine vaccine shedding...

Bloomberg News is attempting to CANCEL STEW!
The Stew Peters Show is an activist platform, fighting against the tyrants. We expose their initiatives to take us down through a tapped phone call!

Sloan Rachmuth of Education First Alliance joins to expose how East Carolina University is establishing SEX-CHANGE clinic open to MINORS!

“Unexplainable” deaths keep popping up left and right in today's world. During one four-month period in 2021, England and Wales had more than 20,000 excess deaths compared to just two years before. Incidentally, it was disproportionately made up of heart disease, cardiovascular issues, and, sudden, random, unexpected heart failure. Stella Immanual joins now to discuss more!

The producers of “These Little Ones” and “Watch the Water”, Nick Stumphauzer and Matt Skow bring you another truth proclaiming documentary: “Died Suddenly”. The teaser is shocking!


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