Expect The Ridiculous: How COVID-19 has changed Cruise Ship Experiences

The Globists continue to make willing sheeple jump through hoops to have any resemblence of "normal" life. Below is article about the Norwegian Epic in the Mediterranean, written from a willing-passenger's stand-point. What's also interesting is they are calling these new-measured ways of "vacationing with Big Brother the "Great Restart" - now what could that be related to? WEF's evil Great Reset. Of course, in order to say afloat, the cruise industry must comply, and pass that compliance on the sheeple willing to pay to be prodded.

This trip description might just be a reflection of what's going on board many liners.


How COVID-19 has changed cruising in Europe: On board Norwegian Epic in the Mediterranean

by Steve McKenna

Let's start with embarkation. In this upside down world, my most recent arrival at Civitavecchia terminal (with face masks on) is through the exit, the spartan section that you only tend to see when you're collecting luggage post-cruise and bleary-eyed.

After your vaccination status is checked - all guests and crew must be fully-jabbed at least 14 days before departure - clinical staff swab your nostrils at a COVID-19 pop-up.

You're then given a code and a seat in a waiting room for 20-30 minutes. If you've tested negative, you're given a pink wristband and directed to the glossier part of the terminal to pass security and check-in.

Your body temperature is checked then you're ushered, with your key card, up the gangway.

Before boarding, you'll be invited to douse your hands under a sanitising station. They're all over the ship and the crew are noticeably more insistent on passengers using them now - especially outside dining rooms ("Washy, washy," they say).

On European sailings, unless you're eating or drinking, it's mandatory to wear a face covering when moving through the ship's public areas, even for a spa treatment ("Healthy, Healthy, Masky, Masky" is the slogan).

Regulations differ depending on where you're cruising. Our itinerary spans Italy and Spain, which both require passengers to complete online health control forms before entering the country (you're given a QR code which immigration staff may scan).

You're given a KN95 mask, but pack some spare face coverings. You'll need a mask on board and on shore excursion coaches.

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Trapped on a boat, suffocating behind a mask to be tested and monitored the entire time, after showing proof of "full" vaccination. So... what was the point of taking the jab in the first place? Reads like a literal hell on earth and water.