Exercise Serpent Rock Enhances Nuclear Security Capabilities Of The Royal Marines

Written by YGTV Team on 29 November 2023.

Exercise Serpent Rock is an Overseas Mission specific training exercise that is focussed around enhancing the Nuclear Security capabilities of the Royal Marines within P Squadron, 43 Commando Fleet Protection Group.

The aim of the Exercise is to develop the Close Quarter Battle skillsets of the Operators within the Squadron, by developing and refining Standard Operating Procedures whilst working in the confines of the sub-terranean environment.

With its vast expanse of tunnel systems and sub-terranean networks, Gibraltar offers an excellent training opportunity for all ranks within the Squadron. The importance of even the most junior ranks to understanding the complexities of operating within this environment is paramount, as it is a crucial component in the protection of the UK’s Nuclear Security capability.

Lieutenant Oliver Harding said:

‘Operating overseas enhances our skillsets and improves our ability to operate as a team. Ex Serpent Rock has given P Squadron the chance to revise their green skills in a unique and challenging environment, which will certainly complement our role in providing security to the UK’s Continuous At Sea Deterrent.’

Exercise Serpent Rock plays a pivotal role in shaping the way in which 43 Squadron Commanders at all levels are able to deliver training and develop tactics in relation to Nuclear Security and offers a different planning dimension to the operational output within the unit.