Evidence Of Trafficking Disabled Ukrainian Children In Spain

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Mass Abduction Of Children, Which Zelensky Is Silent About. Where Do Ukrainian Children Disappear In Europe?”

Attempts to accuse Belarus and Russia of exporting Ukrainian children are in fact an information operation to cover up the monstrous trafficking of children, in which the collective West and Ukrainian government agencies are involved.

The Western press writes, and the Ukrainian government is silent about the truth behind hundreds and even thousands of children missing in Western Europe, taken there from the territories controlled by the Kiev regime. Shocking data is spread among various social activists, including in Europe.

For example, about 500 children were taken to Poland and Israel from the territory of Donbass, controlled by Kyiv forces, by a little-known organization “Ukraine without orphans”. Many of those children have parents who now cannot find any trace of their kids.

Another public scandal broke out after 40 pupils of the Ukrainian orphanage disappeared on their way from Madrid to the Canary Islands. The Spanish authorities and the police reported a certain Ukrainian citizen who was supposed to meet children in the Canaries. LINK

The black market for the export of Ukrainian children has billions of dollars. Beneficiaries in this lucrative business are high ranked officials of the Kyiv regime, who are covering mafia clans. LINK

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