European complicity in war crimes in Gaza

Even amid the horror in Gaza, some EU member states have been busy doing business with Israel approving lucrative arms deliveries, in the full knowledge that they will be used against a civilian population under siege.

A month on, with a death toll of 10,955 (as of Friday 10 November) and Gaza largely reduced to rubble, the EU has yet to call on Israel to ceasefire.

Throughout the past month, European leaders have reaffirmed Israel's right to defend itself even as it has dropped more than 25,000 tonnes of explosives, a force equivalent to two nuclear bombs, on one of the most densely-populated areas on the planet.

But Europe's political and military support for Israel is nothing new.

For decades, EU member states have provided military wares to Israel's occupation forces, with almost 30 percent of their major conventional weaponry originating in Germany (23.9 percent) and Italy (5.9 percent).

Considering how embedded Europe's arms industry is with the US war machine, it is reasonable to assume that much of this equipment contains European arms components.


Israel-Palestine war: Europe is following the US into another disastrous war

Blindly following US foreign policy

The US administration, despite its Democratic Party credentials, is behaving in the most hawkish manner imaginable; reminiscent of the administrations of Republican presidents HW and GW Bush.

If Biden appears to be taking a familiar and hawkish US line on the Middle East, so too are European Union countries and the United Kingdom, which seem to not have learned from previous mistakes of blindly following US foreign policy.

Two decades after the 9/11 attacks on US soil, which ended with the disastrous invasion of two countries, Afghanistan and Iraq, costing the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and sending the region into turmoil that persists to this day, western states seem ready again to make more deliberate mistakes.

The mistakes European leaders are making this time around are remarkably similar to those of 20 years ago.

First, they are again ignoring huge domestic anti-war protests and public demands for a ceasefire.

Second, they are ignoring widespread public calls to stop their unconditional support for the US (and, today, for Israel).

Third, European leaders are willingly accepting “information” that has not yet been proven, just like the infamous "intelligence" that identified Saddam Hussein's “weapons of mass destruction”.

And, fourth, they are failing to learn the lessons from the US's experiences in Afghanistan, where the country was once secured from the Taliban but later handed over to it.

And then there is the US's record of propagating the kind of lies that led to the 2003 invasion of Iraq... the US claim that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction was without grounds.

However, the then UK prime minister, Tony Blair, showed his full support for the US, saying that Britain stood “shoulder to shoulder with our American friends".

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