ERG stresses concerns about rights & freedoms enshrined in European Convention on Human Rights

"The Equality Rights Group says it will seriously consider turning to the courts if the Government does not engage reasonably to discuss what it describes as disproportionate measures related to the management of the Covid pandemic.

It says groups of citizens are calling on them to question executive decisions made on the basis of little if any accountability.

The Group says the Chief Minister recently reminded that the Constitution is the guarantor of citizens' rights, and that this can be addressed judicially, but believes that most people cannot afford the high cost of justice when facing the financial resources available to the Government.

It says it has again written to the Chief Minister asking him again to address the issues it believes are outstanding.

Jonathan Scott spoke to the group's Felix Alvarez."

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Nice to know as the tyranny tightens its hold, more people come out.

Human Rights Groups coming to the forefront - ie with the UK Human Rights Blog mentioned here - GSD: Unvaccinated People Have Rights - #2 by DOTS