ERG Calls On Public To Report Conversion Therapy

Written by YGTV Team on 12 May 2021.

The ERG is calling on members of the public to report to them incidents of "actual or attempted" conversion therapy.

A statement from the ERG follows below:

Equality Rights Group (ERG) welcomes the UK government's announcement that it is keen to introduce legislation to ban the discredited and damaging practice known as "conversion therapy" which claims to change a person's sexuality and affections.

"Sexual orientation is part of the person, and it is well-documented that no amount of soft or hard badgering or brainwashing will do anything other than deeply hurt the individual, usually young or insecure. If you are heterosexual, consider the psychological distress you'd feel if, on any pretext, anyone tried to meddle with something as intimate as your sexual and emotional preferences.

"ERG has been concerned for some time by scattered reports it has been receiving of alleged attempts to pressure individuals into conversion therapy here in Gibraltar. The fact that the activity appears to be veiled in a level of secrecy makes it difficult for us to obtain a close knowledge of the matter, though. Especially as those who have undergone the process are often in a vulnerable and shamed psychological position, making information gathering difficult.

"It is for this reason that we are now asking for the public to confidentially report incidents of actual or attempted conversion therapy to us at ERG," Chair Felix Alvarez added. Our email is

"I shall also be writing to the Chief Minister to express our concerns and for consideration to be given to measures to independently outlaw this heinous and harmful practce in Gibraltar, regardless of what the British government may decide."