Engineered Famine: Is History Repeating?

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“sleepwalking” into a food supply crisis

“That is the biggest worry that we’ve got at the moment – how many farmers are leaving the sector, whether it’s eggs, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers – in big parts of where we get our food from there are farmers leaving every single week,” he continued, adding that “things will only get better if farmers and producers can get the prices they need”.

Meanwhile, the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) has warned that Britain is “sleepwalking” into a food supply crisis as a result of the increasing costs of fuel, feed, and fertiliser, driven in part by the sanctions war with Russia over Ukraine.

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13 Nations pledge to engineer global FAMINE by destroying agriculture

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Texas Rancher Says US Government Facilitating Plans for a Planned Food Shortage and Depopulation

“Hey, everybody. This is Shad Sullivan coming to you from the headwaters of Bitter Creek, Archer County, North Texas. We have to talk. State officials will be assisting to help identify potential alternative markets if a producer is unable to move animals and if necessary, advise and assist on depopulation and disposal methods. Ladies and gentlemen, we are plowing under vegetable crops from coast to coast. We are euthanizing millions of chickens. We are aborting sows and burying feeder pigs. We are dumping milk by the hundreds of thousands of gallons, and now they are preparing us to depopulate the fat cattle ready to harvest. — Our food supply is in trouble, and I am appealing to producers and consumers across the nation to start calling. Yesterday, the 1st shipment of imported beef from The country of Namibia hit the shores of the United States of America. And yet this morning, they are telling us to prepare to euthanize harvest ready cattle. — It is time we get food on the shelves. Because if you’re not concerned about this food supply problem, you better be.”

US has actually been importing beef from Namibian since 2020 - Namibia becomes first African country to export red meat to United States | Africanews