ELYSIUM CITY – Spain's $4BIL Smart City

No news on its progress, but phase 1 was expected in 2023...

Europe's first 'intelligent' city to launch in Spain


Created by former Walt Disney executive John Cora and developed by Cora Alpha, Elysium City will be the first major smart sustainable city in Europe planned and built in accordance with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals) of the United Nations, according to Cora. Located in Castilblanco in Extremadura - at a site once considered for Eurodisney - the smart city will be built in two separate phases.

The first phase will launch in 2023 and will include four hotels with casinos, a water park and Disney-style theme park, high-speed train station, retail, dining and entertainment spaces, 18-hole golf course, a 40,000-seater sports stadium, data centre and other city services. Up to 2000 residential units are also planned. Surrounding landscape will be transformed into bike paths and nature trails and a marina will take advantage of the García Sola reservoir. The second phase, due to launch in 2028, will see more luxury hotels, an equestrian centre and a Formula One race track added to the development.

Spain to welcome Elysium ‘Smart City’ with huge Theme Park, golf and luxury hotels – CPP-LUXURY - The city will run on 5G, allowing those in its perimeters to access high-speed connections and download movies to their phones in as little as 10 seconds said chief innovation officer Sergio Fernandez de Cordova.

Elysium - Spain's New Macro Development Project - The regional government of Guillermo Fernández Vara (PSOE) is working on the expropriation of more than 200 hectares that will pass into the hands of the promoter of the Elysium City macro-project, in Castilblanco (Badajoz) in the region known as La Siberia Extremadura. In this urban operation, it is expected that more than 8,000 million euros will be invested in hotels, casinos, villas, theme and water parks, among other infrastructures. The expropriation will be carried out by the Junta de Extremadura, but it will be paid for by the promoter of the operation, the real estate company called Castilblanco Elysium Corporation, behind which is the Sevillian businessman Francisco Nuchera. Once the forced purchase is complete, they will pass into the portfolio of the private firm. The project affects 1,185 hectares of this area in Extremadura Siberia, adjacent to the provinces of Cáceres, Ciudad Real and Toledo.


Former Disney Man Unveils Plans for Elysium City, a 'Spanish Las Vegas' - This is the latest attempt to build a “Euro-Vegas” in Spain, a craze started by Sheldon Adelson back in 2012. Six years ago, the LVS chairman and CEO dreamed up a $30 billion (not a typo) complex outside Madrid — a towering integrated resort city with six casinos, 12 hotels, shops, parks, theme parks, and golf courses.

I'd take the quaint countryside over this dumb "luxury" idea anyday.

Just like the movie?