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Elon Musk’s Low-Orbit Satellite System is Turning America into a 24/7 Military Surveillance State

Unfortunately for global citizens, a highly-advanced 24/7 surveillance system is currently being deployed on civilians in the United States of America and in other nations around the globe. "No One Can Hide" from Elon Musk's Satellites

Exclusive-Musk's SpaceX Is Building Spy Satellite Network for US Intelligence Agency


Elon Musk is Reportedly Selling Twitter User Data to a Gov’t Surveillance Contractor

'Watching everything that happens on X in real time is key to Dataminr’s pitch to the government...'

While Elon Musk has talked a big game when it comes to privacy and free speech, he’s continued to sell Twitter/X user data to a controversial surveillance company that provides services to the U.S. military and intelligence agencies, according to a new report in The Intercept .

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The takeover of Humanity is well advanced. It is digital, mental, physical, spiritual, bioenergetic mind and body control. I know oodles of people who cannot leave the house without the cell phone. They have to have it on the nightstand while they sleep. They interrupt a personal conversation to take a call from someone they don’t even know : “Hello?”


Vast technological control systems have been put in place to hack right into the human mind, physiological body processes and human thought stream.

To what end?

Simple: global, A.I. control of the Internet of Things, i.e., human cyborgs full of nanotech, subject to satellite/drone/aircraft monitoring and control, which went live in 2012, administered by super-sophisticated computer systems in underground bases, tapping into human DNA and the human bio-energy-field, aka, the human aura.


The Big Tech companies, Big Pharma, military agencies, intelligence and espionage agencies, space agencies, etc. are all involved.

Elon Musk supposedly wants to bring the Internet to everyone in the world with his tens of thousands of satellites in orbit - - poor people in Africa, isolated tribes in the Amazon forest, remote islands in the Pacific Ocean, Eskimos in igloos, etc.


Elon Musk wants to ruthlessly enslave every last person on Earth, and tie them into the most hideous, most totalitarian slave system ever devised, body, mind and soul. Elon Musk is a greasy, slimy, unctuous, two-faced, ruthless monster, hard at work at enslaving all of Humanity.

As for his NeuraLink brain chip technology that ostensibly will tie the human mind into super-computer networks - - what Sabrina Wallace is saying is that it has already been done, or is right now being done, on a global scale and with a science fiction-like array of bio-medical-electronic-genetic-chemical nano-technology that is in everyone on Earth, in our blood, our cells, our brains, in our internal organs, and constantly phoning home to A.I. about us, and everyone and everything we think about or come into contact with.

More at the link.


"Before you call me crazy, have a look below at Sabrina Wallace’s inspired deconstruction of the way modern electronic technology"

Concerning Sabrina Wallace. A good example for:-

Brandolini's Law, also known as the "Bullshit Asymmetry Principle," is an adage that emphasizes the difficulty of debunking false information compared to spreading it. The principle states:

"The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it."

This concept was formulated by Alberto Brandolini, an Italian programmer, and gained popularity as it succinctly captures the frustration and effort required to combat misinformation and falsehoods in various contexts, including social media, politics, and public discourse.

The law highlights the asymmetry between the ease of creating and spreading false or misleading statements and the significant effort required to correct or refute them. This can involve researching facts, providing evidence, and persuading people who may already be convinced by the false information.

Brandolini's Law is often cited in discussions about the impact of misinformation and the challenges faced by fact-checkers, journalists, and anyone trying to maintain the integrity of information in the digital age.

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The Lord doesn’t have a mobile phone does he.

Everyone would be phoning Him!

He likes being used.... but He knows the phones are dangerous

Yes, that too.

tracks you, monitors you, uses your bioenergetic field, abuses your bioenergetic field, mentally and physically programs you, and otherwise destroys your natural human self.

  • Tracks you, yes, already at the base station level.
  • Monitors you, depends on what is meant by this.
  • Uses your bioenergetic field? What is that? And how does it use it? What components of the phone do that?
  • Mentally and physically programs you? What is meant by this? How does it do that? Is computer code involved? How does that interface with parts of the human body that does not work with computer code?

Yeah, she is on the shrill side, but stay with her and it all becomes clear(er): human bodies are the Internet of Things or have been made to be the Internet of Things.

There's no proof of this. If cellphones communicated with "nano" devices inside human bodies I'm sure hackers and phreakers would have found out on day 1 as they were running Wireshark and noticed that their phone is sending and receiving packages to places they shoulldn't.

  • Description: Wireshark is a comprehensive network protocol analyzer that can capture and interactively browse the traffic running on a computer network.

Watch the video twice if need be. It comes at you fast, but it’s the straight dope.

Who is Richard Sauder and is he an authority to decide if Sabrina Wallace's material is... "the straight dope".

Because to me Wallace's videos are the ramblings of a delusional person. To the layman she might sounds like someone in the know but to someone with even a bit more technical know how it is clear that it's non sense.

Everyone’s mind, bodily processes, thoughts and DNA can now be readily hacked/read/monitored/controlled/changed/etc. in real time.

That's quite a statement. Let's dive into a Wallace video to see if she explains exactly how.

Okey, obviously not an original video from Wallace herself and someone for some reason decided to add the spooky soundtrack (from Tiktok maybe?) to it very faintly in the background. Very suggestive. Briliant trolling?

Ask yourself when watching her video: Do you understand everything that she is saying or do you gloss over some things and just let her authority, assertiveness make you believe that she is speaking the truth?

Is it ok to just take her word for it when she strings together a handful of terms (which might or might not be real), or should one carefully look them up, look up the documents they are referenced in and verify that what she is telling is the truth? Or should one just trust her assertiveness and "expertise"?

Do you suffer from confirmation bias?

If anyone here believes in Wallace and wishes to discuss her and her material, please, pick out a subject from this above video, a paragraph or two, and let's look into it. Which part of the video do you enjoy best? Why?

Here's another one.... Isn't it clear?

If there is a patent, a research paper or similar, is it enough to just wave it in front of the camera (like Sabrina Wallace does) or should one first; read it properly, determine if it works and is in use...?