Elon Musk Exposed


Any relation to the queen??

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It's funny you asked that given many world leaders have "royal" lineage.

I didn't find any on an initial search, but I did find this article:

Which links him to the technocratic elite and Illuminati.

Elon Musk's activities should be red flagged. Even Tesla is owned by the CCP – List of US Companies Secretly Owned by Chinahttps://usagag.com/2020/11/22 – and forests are being cut down for Tesla batteries industry.

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Thank you for the information. I recall a young girl tracing all but one of the presidents of the United States to the Queens family.

Budding genealogist: BridgeAnne d'Avignon created a family tree that connected 42 of 43 U.S. presidents to one common ancestor

Is ruling in the genes? All presidents bar one are directly descended from a medieval English king

  • 12-year-old girl created family tree linking 42 of 43 U.S. presidents to King John of England, who signed Magna Carta in 1215
  • Only eighth president, Martin Van Buren, was not related to John

They all have the trait of wanting power,’ d’Avignon told the station WFMY.

Elon Musk seems to share those traits.

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I remember this story of the little girl. Thanks for finding it.

Sometimes, their lineage is hidden. There is strong evidence that Hitler was a Rothschild, as they have affairs and babies out of those affairs. It makes it convenient to put their bloodlines in leadership roles. Adolf Hitler Was a Rothschild – Strong Evidence. This means he sacrificed his own for the greater good - obtaining the Holy Lands. Thus, are those dying in the State of Israel a modern-day sacrifice to take more control?

It's also possible that given his Dutch background, he descends from Naphtali, but not all Israelite descendants are going to make it - Rev 7:6 Of the tribe of Asher [were] sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Naphtali [were] sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Manasseh [were] sealed twelve thousand.

Most of them, will be separated as goats, as they will bow to Baphomet, one of Sstan's many identities, appropriately depicted with the head of a goat.

In the end, those that don't make it into Christ's New Millennium, will be exposed as the Devil's children:

John 8:35 Ye are of [YOUR] father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the Truth, because there is no Truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father (inventor) of it.

Besides, for people/companies to spend so much money trying to go to outer-space is ridiculous. Human animal bodies were never meant to live in space or on other planets. We were all put here to learn - and it wasn't to learn how to get these bodies on Mars. It was to learn how to get our Spirit Beings back to Venus – The Way home or face The Fire.

I don't trust what Elon is doing in space with all his satellites – which probably has to do more with the building of the Death Star, technocratic surveillance state.

Some good news for the Sheep -

A verse unique to The King of kings' Bible:

Rev 30:12 And behold, the Christ cometh quickly, for a millennium will pass and near another and there will be made a sign in the heavens. And you will know this "Star" that called the wise and all-knowing to Bethlehem. Seek there the "Star" (Matt. 24:30-31) at the appointed time, and all spirit will rejoice in the reward, even unto those who come out of the body (2 Cor. 5:8), that every man according to his WORK shall be".


Elon Musk’s Wealth Declines by $15B as Tech Stocks Plunge

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Coming in 2022 according to Elon Musk.

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Good day to you all.

I read the following paper about Elon Musk, which was written by a chap in the US called Miles Mathis. I thought you may be interested in reading it if you hadn't done so already.


Lot of Love to all - LLTF and LLTK


Thank-you for sharing that info and likewise the good wishes. The Elon Musk character reminds me of Gates. What we are told about them is a bunch of lies and a cover for nefarious activities for the common good (so they say).


You're welcome.


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in reference to Gates in particular, the writer of the previous paper on Elon Musk also wrote another interesting paper the link is here: http://mileswmathis.com/gates.pdf


:grinning: Thank-you. Interesting.


You are welcome. and thank-you too. :slight_smile:

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I think he’s already a full-time influencer and should quit that side-hustle to focus on doing his actual jobs.

It should be clear to anyone that this crisis did not strike by chance like a force of nature. The lockdowns have worked like a charm since they starved small and medium-sized businesses and thus greatly helped to boost the wealth of the super-rich.

The absolute winner with an unimaginable increase of 138 billion is however Tesla boss Elon Musk.

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Paralyzed man with brain chip posts ‘first direct-thought’ tweet

A company that implants neural computer interfaces into the brain says a patient with a nervous system disease that left him motionless was able to share a post on social media by just thinking it.

On Thursday, he published a post on social media “using only direct thought ,” the company that enabled him to do so, Synchron, announced.


26 Dec, 2021 08:47

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Paralyzed man with brain chip posts ‘first direct-thought’ tweet

A company that implants neural computer interfaces into the brain says a patient with a nervous system disease that left him motionless was able to share a post on social media by just thinking it.

Paralyzed man with brain chip posts ‘first direct-thought’ tweet

© Reuters / Kacper Pempel / Illustration

A 62-year-old man in Australia diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) – a disease that causes paralysis – is now able to communicate thoughts with others with no muscle activity involved. On Thursday, he published a post on social media “using only direct thought,” the company that enabled him to do so, Synchron, announced.

I created this tweet just by thinking it” – the tweet read, said to be posted by Philip O’Keefe to the account of Synchron CEO Thomas Oxley.

The ‘first direct-thought tweet’ was created wirelessly from O’Keefe’s brain, according to the company. Following progressive paralysis caused by ALS, the man had a brain computer interface called ‘Stentrode’ installed last year. The implant, “designed to enable patients to wirelessly control digital devices through thought,” was inserted via the jugular vein to avoid drilling into the skull.

no need for keystrokes or voices. I created this tweet just by thinking it. #helloworldbci

— Thomas Oxley (@tomoxl) December 23, 2021

Musk said the brain implant, which has been successfully used in animals such as pigs and monkeys, would be ready for real human testing sometime next year.


Tesla is recalling almost half a million of its Model 3 and Model S vehicles

Elon Musk's Las Vegas Loop Tunnel Concerns Riders Afraid of Getting Trapped Underground

Safety concerns have been raised for Elon Musk's futuristic "loop" transportation tunnels after riders experienced a traffic jam while using the system during a Las Vegas convention.

The tunnels were built by billionaire Musk's The Boring Company and use Tesla vehicles to transport riders in a single lane underground. Although Musk began his tunnel-digging endeavor as a proposed solution to gridlock, viral video of the traffic jam forming during this week's 2022 CES consumer electronics trade show quickly prompted mockery by demonstrating that the system is far from immune to the issue.

"The Vegas Loop can't even deal with #CES2022 during a pandemic," tech blogger Sascha Pallenberg tweeted on Thursday. "Congratulations @CityOfLasVegas this must be the most advanced traffic jam in the world!"

"The tube is a death trap," u/DowninanEarlierRound remarked on the Reddit post.

"I'm surprised it's even legal," added u/KittensInc. "No lighting, no ventilation, no fire detection or suppression, not enough space between the cars and the wall to walk out ... They are asking for trouble. If somehow a car catches fire, people will die."

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