Elliptic Is Mapping Bitcoin Stolen From 2016 Bitfinex Hack

New research from blockchain analytics firm Elliptic asks whether zkSNACKs, the firm behind bitcoin privacy wallet Wasabi, is turning a blind eye to stolen coins.

Wasabi Wallet, an open-source software that weaves together a collection of bitcoin transactions as an obfuscation tactic, is largely administered and overseen by a private company called zkSNACKs, based in Gibraltar.

The company has touted Gibraltar’s laws and regulations on its website and in interviews, without claiming it is under the government’s supervision.

But to be clear, a spokesperson for GFSC from the U.S. public relations firm Wachsman stated unequivocally that zkSNACKs is “NOT regulated in any way by the GFSC (or any other regulator in Gibraltar).”

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