Electric vehicles polluting more than oil?

Thoughts, please? Any fallacies in this video, please?

It may not be popular to say it, but based on what I have come to know, what this video is saying is true and it makes sense.

Having been close to the oil refining industry, it is most definitely true that a LOT of energy is required to refine crude oil to separate it into usable fuels such as petrol/gasoline, diesel, and other products. It is also true that the entire business of extracting, transporting and then burning fossil fuel (oil) is dirty from start to finish. By changing to electric, a lot of the waste and pollution caused is being cut out.

Probably most people alive have not worked in specific fields that have allowed them to learn about it at all or get close enough to see all of this. That means that the majority of people alive, are simply ignorant of it and they don't know. Saying people are ignorant, is not calling anyone stupid, it just means ignorant; i.e. they simply have no idea and so they do not know.

What most also don't know or have not investigated is who largely owns (or has owned) basically ALL of the big Oil companies. Oil is "old money" owned. QE2 owned much of BP. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands owned much or most of Shell Oil. The others are all largely owned by other very rich people. And they wanted to hold on to that industry because it has made them a lot of wealth and control.

Several past attempts at going electric (going back way before Tesla motors) were repeatedly killed, by big oil companies, until Tesla motors happened and then Elon Musk released all the patents by making them open source and free to anyone, on Tesla's website. So then, other car manufacturers and developers were free use the patents and could start creating and building their own EVs.

It seems that at some point they must have realised, that as they cannot stop it from happening forever. Perhaps they decided that it is better if they let it happen but also be able to profit from it and the transition to having more electric.

As far as pollution goes, it makes sense to me that electric will pollute less. Not only due to less pollution in creating the energy/fuel, but also because it requires simpler manufacturing overall to make an electric car (with fewer moving parts needed) vs a traditional ICE vehicle. Another factor could be that people tend to fear change, preferring to stick to what they know, in preference of something else or something new, sometimes even if what it can do might be an improvement.

Thank you JF for your reply. Yes, there are a handful of articles on DG that attack electric cars but ignore the oil industry.

The situation, Electric cars vs Gasoline cars / oil industry reminds me of for instance the West (Israel) vs the East situation. Even though God is using/letting the east win it doesn't mean that they are good, even though they in certain aspects are behaving themselves better.

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Another benefit of electric vehicles is that they do not emit fumes into the air while being driven. As someone who enjoys going for walks, it becomes noticeable when you have to walk next to a busy road and then have to inhale the exhaust fumes from passing cars, which spoils the air quality. Electric vehicles on the other hand, do not do this.

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