Drought Reveals Spanish Stonehenge


Spain's Stonehenge revealed: Prehistoric circle of 150 stones 2,000 years older than Britain's famed monument emerges from the depths of a reservoir after drought causes water to drop to a quarter of its usual level

Could this monolith in Spain could be Hebrew?

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Take Stonehenge in England for example:

Stonehenge in England is a Sabbatical Calendar system:

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Spain's Stonehenge revealed

A prehistoric circle of 150 standing stones dubbed the Spanish Stonehenge has re-emerged from a reservoir for the only the fifth time since its discovery after the worst drought in 60 years left the waterbody at a quarter of its usual level.

The Dolmen of Guadalperal, a circle of granite stones dating from 5,000 BC, in the Valdecañas Reservoir in central Spain has only been seen four times since it was discovered in 1924. Nearly 20 years later, in 1963, the valley was deliberately flooded on the order of the Spanish dictator Franco, only emerging at periods of intense drought in the following years.

The stones, which are at least 2,000 years older than Stonehenge in England, have wavy details that are believed to represent the nearby Tagus River. Some theories suggest the prehistoric structure was either used as a solar temple or laid over tombs when it was built by Celtic people 7,000 years ago.

It is not as famous as Stonehenge in England, but the theories to their purposes are similar - the monument in Wiltshire is also thought to serve as an ancient solar calendar.

The Spanish Stonehenge stones could disappear completely if they endure another prolonged submersion because the granite rocks are prone to erosion. Prehistoric 'Spanish Stonehenge' more than 7,000 years old re-emerges from a reservoir | Daily Mail Online

Drought reveals Spanish Stonehenge