Dr. Vernon Coleman: Time is Running Out - We Must Act Now!


The enemy, the corrupt, the cheats and deceivers, have been planning this war for years.

All the bad things that have happened to us since the beginning of 2020 were carefully thought out and planned years ago.

Long before 2020 the billionaires, the governments and their allies discussed ways to control and suppress the truth, to flood the media with propaganda, to discredit truth-tellers and impose penalties on those found guilty of telling the truth.

The war has reached a critical point.

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The Evil Fraud behind the Covid Hoax

by tts-admin | Aug 28, 2021 |(The Evil Fraud behind the Covid Hoax | The Truthseeker)

Dr Vernon Coleman – Bitchute.com Aug 24, 2021

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In this video, international best-selling author and retired doctor, Dr Vernon Coleman, provides solid evidence proving that the myth of global warming/climate change was deliberately devised to murder billions and to promote the Great Reset.
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