Dr. Vernon Coleman: How They Are Destroying Millions of Lives

By Dr. Vernon Coleman 22nd July 2023

Interest rates were kept absurdly low for years in order to trap business and home owners into acquiring huge debts. As interest rates race up towards normal the cost of servicing loans and mortgages becomes impossible. Millions who bought overpriced houses and flats will become penniless slaves – forever doomed to pay off lifetime mortgages, student debts and mounting credit card debts while finding themselves in a constant fight against inflation – a fight they can never win.

As interest rates rose in England in 2023, the Government generously encouraged banks to extend mortgages indefinitely, to allow interest only mortgages and to delay repossessions. These two policies sound well-intentioned but they will, of course, result in the people who paid too much for their home (or took on too large a mortgage) being indebted for life and constantly struggling to pay off a mortgage on a home they will probably never own. Modern houses and flats on which they owe 30, 40 and even longer mortgages are so badly built (according to building regulations dreamt up by bureaucrats in accordance with the requirements of building industry lobbyists) that they will not last that long. There will be many defaults, with bankruptcies inevitable – thereby leading to the situation where more and more people own nothing, and the banks are happy. It’s what they want, of course.

It is curious, is it not, how the phrase ‘you will own nothing and be happy’, which is believed to have originated with the World Economic Forum can be compared to the principles of the communist revolution as described in Karl Marx’s ‘Communist Manifesto’.

Marx wrote that in order to establish a socialist dictatorship, and to obtain total control over the proletariat, the communists would have to eliminate all rights to private property, destroy all religion (which Marx famously described as ‘the opiate of the people’) and dissolve the family unit which was seen as a threat to the ability of the State to obtain total control over people’s lives. Traditional religions will be replaced by a faith in nature as defined by the United Nations and promoted by the consortium of bankers who are managing the global economy. Astonishingly, the leaders of traditional religions have accepted the change, and the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury seem happy to commit themselves and their followers to the pseudoscience in preference to the traditional teachings their religions have espoused.
It doesn’t seem to matter to them that the science is provably fake; they are wedded to, and happy to influence, the blasphemies promoted by the rabid environmentalists.

And, of course, education has been deliberately destroyed in order to ensure that future generations are semi-literate and semi-numerate and do not ask unanswerable questions.

To ensure that pupils appear to have done well in examinations they are shown the exam papers beforehand. There is then much feigned but convincing and delighted surprise when students who have been allowed to know the questions in advance do well.

News that illiteracy and innumeracy among children had reached new heights is given less publicity in the craven mainstream media which never reports anything inconvenient or contrary to the views of the conspirators.

Publishers, attempting to shore up the flimsy, manufactured evidence that children and young adults are still being educated, boasted that the sale of paperback books had risen. What they didn’t say was that the books they are selling are mostly colouring in books for adults – books which do not require the reader to be able to read or to write.

And health care has been destroyed too.

Governments have managed to kill millions to help reduce the cost of providing pensions and to cut the world population.

The destruction of health care has been systematic.

In the UK, it began, over 60 years ago, with the decision to admit more girls than boys to medical schools. This was done knowing that most female doctors work part time. In the UK, the result is that the average GP now works 24-26 hours a week. Please check that if you don’t believe me.

In the UK it was decided to allow GPs to stop providing cover at nights, weekends and bank holidays. This put massive pressure on hospital accident and emergency rooms and on the ambulance service and, entirely predictably, led to a complete breakdown in the services provided.

In many if not all Western countries, the quality of health care is worse than it was 75 years ago.

Today, medicine is no longer a true profession of independent, thinking men and women but has become ruthlessly materialistic and hard headed; a lobbying group for the industry to which the establishment is now beholden. Test results which used to be available in hours now take weeks to be produced. Waiting times for appointments are measured in months or years and waiting times for diagnostic tests are as bad. Waiting times for treatment are as long again. The overuse of antibiotics in hospitals and on farms means that antibiotic resistant organisms are commonplace. There are huge, day long waits to get an ambulance and huge, day long waits in accident and emergency departments. At weekends in hospitals there is often no doctor on call. There may not even be a qualified nurse around. Iatrogenesis is now probably the major cause of illness and death. Vaccines are promoted with wild enthusiasm regardless of the fact that they invariably do more harm than good. They want to kill off the sick and the old because they are of no practical value (and they are already doing this very effectively in hospitals and care homes). If you fall ill then whether you live or die depends on how much money you have. This becomes considerably more significant as you get older. The plan is to limit health care and to provide treatment only for the young, the generally healthy and the ‘useful’.

The elderly are deliberately and legally sedated without their knowledge or approval and then quietly killed with a `kill shot’ cocktail of morphine and a benzodiazepine. Patients at home used to be visited by a district nurse. Today, they’re lucky if anyone arrives to see them until they’ve been dead three years and the neighbours are complaining.

We are, in short, approaching the end of a civilisation which had been developing for centuries. We are heading, at speed, into the world described in 1927 by Fritz Lang in his film `Metropolis’.

Unelected conspirators, aided and abetted by unelected collaborators have taken control. The rules, the regulations, the endless lies, the lockdowns and the mRNA covid jabs have turned the brains of millions to mush.

If the masses are told to stick their head in a bucket of custard then their only question will be: ‘How long should I keep it there?’