Dr Sam White Wins High Court Case – NHS had suspended him for raising concerns about the safety of the Covid injection and informed consent


In mid-September, Dr. White filed an appeal in the High Court against a Medical Practitioners’ Tribunal Service’s determination and the conditions placed on his practice that Dr. White should not be able to post on social media about the Covid pandemic and all “associated aspects” and that he should remove all posts.

Dr. White’s legal team are Philip Hyland, PHJ Law Solicitors, and Francis Hoar, a barrister who specialises in election/public, commercial and employment law. The latest update on Dr. White’s Crowd Justice page states “Judgment in the High Court appeal against the IOT [interim order] determination is awaited. The appeal was heard on 4 November 2021.”

On Friday the waiting was over.

The judgement found that orders placed on Dr. White breached his human rights including his right to take part in debate on current events.

Letter from Dr White’s legal team to the NHS:

GP Dr Samuel White speaking out about ending his career because of the lies:

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UK doctor who said ‘masks do nothing’ wins court battle over social media ban

A GP who was banned from using social media after posting a viral video questioning vaccines and masks has won a court battle.

A UK doctor, Dr Samuel White who was banned from using social media after posting a viral video questioning vaccines and masks has won a court case against a…

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A UK doctor who was banned from using social media after posting a viral video questioning vaccines and masks has won a court case against a medical tribunal.

The High Court on Friday did not weigh in on any of Dr Samuel White’s claims, but rather found the General Medical Council’s Interim Orders Tribunal made an “error of law” when it imposed restrictions on the GP’s registration after he was accused of spreading Covid-19 misinformation.

Dr White, who was a partner at a practice in Hampshire, posted a seven-minute video to Instagram in June explaining why he had resigned from his job, saying he could no longer work “because of the lies” around the pandemic, which he said had been “so vast” he could no longer “stomach or tolerate” them.

He claimed doctors and nurses had “their hands tied behind their backs” preventing them from using “safe and proven treatments” such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, which he said were a form of “early intervention” in the disease.

Dr White questioned the safety of the Covid-19 vaccines, stated that 99 per cent of people who contract the virus survive, and raised concerns about false positives associated with PCR tests.

“Masks do nothing, by the way, they do absolutely nothing,” he said towards the end of the video.

“They don’t help you, they don’t help anyone else. Take off the mask.”

Dr White appeared on conspiracy theory podcast SGT Report in August where he elaborated on his views.

He described the mRNA vaccines as “genetic manipulation” and claimed the vaccination campaign was “one of the most egregious, heinous crimes that we’ve seen in modern history, perhaps in all history, because it’s happened on such a global scale”.

Later that month, the tribunal ruled that Dr White’s actions “may pose a real risk to public safety”.

The IOT imposed conditions on Dr White restricting him from “posting or sharing his views on the Covid-19 pandemic and its associated aspects on any social media platforms and requiring previous posts to be removed”.

“Dr White’s alleged means of imparting information in his capacity as a registered doctor, by way of social media platforms, to a wide and possibly uninformed audience does not allow for individual circumstances and does not give the opportunity for a holistic consideration of Covid-19, its implications and possible treatments and potential for reducing risk to health in individual circumstances,” the tribunal said.

Dr White’s barrister, Francis Hoar, argued the restrictions placed on his client were a “severe imposition” on his freedom of expression protected by Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Dr White appeared on conspiracy theory podcast SGT Report in August.

Dr White appeared on conspiracy theory podcast SGT Report in August.

The matter was heard by the High Court last month.

In his ruling, Mr Justice Dove said the tribunal had failed to follow the procedures set out in the Human Rights Act 1998, which require that for any interim order General Medical Council must ask itself “whether or not the respondent would probably succeed at any subsequent tribunal hearing”.

“It is clear that the IOT did not direct themselves to the tests required,” he said.

“The decision of the IOT was clearly wrong and cannot stand … There was an error of law in the IOT’s decision based upon the nature of the conditions which they intended to impose and the impact which they had on Article 10. The decision was wrong from a purely procedural perspective.”

He stressed that it had not been “necessary for the court to express any opinion as to the merits of the opinions with which this case is concerned in order to achieve a resolution of the matter”.

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Dr White continues to practice medicine, according to the ruling.



UK Police open criminal probe into vaccine rollout after GP Dr. Sam White's legal challenge

"You do not experiment on humans, and consent must be freely given without coercion and include a discussion about alternative treatments … and an individual's material risk of developing covid-19 or actually coming to harm from it." said English Dr. Sam White.

English medical dissenter Sam White and his legal team on Monday presented what they claim is "significant and irrefutable evidence" of COVID-19 vaccine safety issues to London's Metropolitan Police — and a criminal investigation has now been launched.

Lawyers acting on behalf of Dr. White in his ongoing legal challenge to the British government and the National Health Service demanded the vaccine rollout be stopped immediately.

"A number of government departments and in particular individuals in public office and government have been named as offenders and we have supporting evidence," attorneys with PJH Law announced.

One of the issues White's legal team reported to the police is the government mandate that all NHS staff must be fully vaccinated by April 1. White calls this "blackmail" to force his colleagues "to take the vaccine or lose their jobs."

White reached notoriety back in February when he was suspended by the NHS for posting a video on Twitter which was very critical of NHS reliance on the not-fully-tested vaccines instead of using effective therapeutics such as ivermectin.

The video went viral, attracting over a million views, even though Twitter took it down after just three days — but it also led to White getting suspended from the NHS. A successful Crowdfunder campaign enabled him to successfully appeal that decision.

On Dec. 3, the U.K. High Court revoked White's suspension and interim gag order and found that the General Medical Council had breached his human rights.

Just two weeks later, on Dec. 17, White and his legal team applied for undertakings from the U.K.'s Medical and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to withdraw the COVID vaccines within seven days. If they don't comply, PJH Law intends to apply for a "High Court injunction without further notice" to force them to do so, White's lawyers announced.

The MHRA is a British Government agency that regulates medicines, medical devices, and blood components to ensure their safety and effectiveness. White believes it has failed miserably regarding the COVID vaccines.

"These injections are unsafe, still in clinical trial, and should be withdrawn immediately," attorney Philip Hyland wrote on behalf of White and two others to the chair of the MHRA in a summary of evidence prepared for an injunction application.

"Your failure to investigate known concerns amounts to gross negligence in office," Hyland continued, "and renders you and the executive board liable for serious misconduct in office, mal or misfeasance in public office and, or, rendering all the office holders potentially liable for corporate manslaughter in that you have been wilfully blind to the known harms of the SARS-CoV-2 injections. You have taken no action. You have a lawful duty to protect the public, and you have wilfully [sic] failed in that duty."

The full evidentiary summary can be read here.

The document criticizes the U.K.'s Coronavirus Act 2020, which eased the rules on certifying death certificates, meaning the doctors who sign them may have had only limited knowledge of the deceased, as previously reported in Just the News in May 2021. Under these new rules, in some cases death certificates have been signed by doctors who did not even treat the patient. The law states: "In an emergency period, any doctor can complete the medical certificate of cause of death (MCCD), when it is impractical for the attending doctor to do so." This raises questions about the validity of official COVID fatality numbers.

Also, the increases in cremations over burials has meant post-mortems have further decreased. White's lawyers quote British undertaker John O'Looney, who has written to the chief coroner requesting that full inquests and post-mortems be resumed as he has "observed an increased number of deaths amongst young, previously fit and healthy, young men."

White is particularly incensed that the ingredients used in the injections have never been published, which means patients have not been able to give informed consent. Interviewed recently, he cited the doctor's Hippocratic Oath, which includes doing no harm and not administering toxins.

"You do not experiment on humans," White said," and consent must be freely given without coercion and include a discussion about alternative treatments such as nutraceuticals, therapeutics, and an individual's material risk of developing covid-19 or actually coming to harm from it."

British public health authorities stand by the safety and efficacy of the vaccines. “The COVID-19 vaccines approved for use in the UK have met strict standards of safety, quality and effectiveness," the NHS states on its website. "They can cause some side effects, but not everyone gets them. Any side effects are usually mild and should not last longer than a week, such as a sore arm from the injection, feeling tired, a headache, feeling achy, feeling or being sick. More serious side effects, such as allergic reactions or blood clotting, are very rare."

Great Britain has so far escaped many of the stringent lockdown-of-the-unvaccinated measures enforced in other European nations. However, nursing home workers in England were ordered to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by Nov. 11, 2021 — unless medically exempt — or lose their jobs. And, on Nov. 30, Prime Minister Boris Johnson reintroduced the mandatory wearing of face masks in shops and other public places..

White feels wearing a mask poses its own health risks. "Non grade clinical masks, especially in a non-clinical setting do absolutely nothing to protect anyone," he argued. "In fact, there is a plentiful supply of scientific evidence to show they cause significant harm. For me, this is especially a concern for children, their neurodevelopment and neuroplasticity."

In a BBC interview, infectious disease expert Keith Neal, defended the use of masks, rebutting the claim they cause oxygen deprivation. "Thin paper or cloth masks will not lead to hypoxia," he said. "Surgeons operate for hours wearing them. They don't get these problems"

White disagrees. "In a hospital setting, a mask is used in a well-ventilated theatre to prevent mucus secretions entering into an open wound or body cavity," he explained. "The surgeon is generally not moving, unlike someone working a 12-hour shift rushing around a warehouse where the mask quickly becomes contaminated with bacteria, virus, and germs. It is cruel to subject workers to what is an unsafe medical intervention. What is more, Covid is an aerosolized virus not spread by mucus. It's like using a chain link fence to keep sand out."


Dr. Sam White – https://www.drsamwhite.com/

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