Dr. Peter McCullough Issues Emergency Covid-19 Warning

In this interview Dr. McCullough debunked all DEATHVAX™ “Safe and Effective” claims, exposed the CDC, FDA and BigPharma.

On The Truthseeker – Infowars Exclusive! Dr. Peter McCullough Issues Emergency Covid-19 Warning | The Truthseeker

There is no possible way that these slow kill bioweapons can attenuate Covid symptoms despite the nonsensical claims that “it could have been so much worse”.

He also discussed the fraudulent trials involving the latest bivalent “booster” where the 8 mice in the single bunk study did not show any benefit and came down with Covid.

Dr. McCullough also touched on BigPharma and the FDA conspiring to coverup the deaths and adverse reactions. He claimed that this was a test to see what the criminals can get away with.

As this substack has pointed out innumerable times, PSYOP-19 is a One World Government program to depopulate and control the planet. Deploying eugenics injections is just one prong in the Great Reset project.

Dr. McCullough also established that Moderna had been colluding with the CCP and the US National Institute of Health which is how they were able to miraculously offer a novel “vaccine” in a matter of days when it takes years to develop any of these unsafe and wholly unnecessary vaccines.

As this substack has frequently pointed out, the Pentagon, FBI and CIA were always in on this PSYOP-19 scam, and Alex cited a Telegraph article entitled, Use of fear to control behaviour in Covid crisis was ‘totalitarian’, admit scientists that established how behavioral psychologists were running this operation to instill maximum fear in the populations via mass formation in order to achieve maximum societal compliance with the deadly lockdowns, MK Ultra masking, and, ultimately, the most critical component in the DEATHVAX™ campaign.

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