Dr. Malone Sounds The Alarm — ‘Data Shows Vaccine Side Effects Are WORSE Than Expected!’

Dr. Robert Malone

Dr. Robert Malone sounded the alarm in an interview on Bannons War Room that the side effects of the Covid vaccines are worse than anyone expected.

Dr. Malone warned of serious cancer risks and damage to ovaries and other organs.

“The data are abundant,” he said, “We’ve got damage in organ systems that I hadn’t imagined.”

“The list of harm is deep and long.”


Uncensored: Dr. Robert Malone – Shifting Narrative, CCP & Nanotech in the COVID Injections!

AUG 25, 2022

Dr. Robert Malone joins Maria Zeee to discuss the shifting narrative, Fauci’s resignation, the mystery of the CCP’s involvement in COVID and the NWO, and in the second segment he covers nanotech in the COVID-19 injections.

Taken from video: 9. billion dollar resume of Dr. Robert Malone, fully documented,
in a five year period Malone received 10 billion dollars in grants from the deep state.