Dr. Anne McCloskey talks about the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdowns etc. being a scam and dangerous to health (Video)

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Marvellous call for action a day before St. Patrick's Day!


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Important message from Dr Anne McCloskey

She talks about her interactions with traumatized individuals who had taken the jabs. She has seen young, healthy people damaged.

Dr. Anne McCloskey isn't the only one in Ireland reporting on their experiences.

The Irish Nurses for Transparency and Openness (INFTO) is a group of concerned nurses and healthcare workers from across Ireland. They raise concerns about a number of issues that have taken place in healthcare facilities since March 2020.

Nurses and patients are giving testimonies – https://infto.ie/

Here is a patient testimony given to INFTO that is making rounds on social media:

I am a 44 year old previously healthy active lady and am currently an inpatient in (hospital redacted) I have been on antibiotics for 3 weeks and am still not better. The vaccine set off a chain of events that has required me to be hospitalised on two occasions and I have had two A&E visits along with multiple doctor visits. I have been diagnosed with pneumonia, pleural effusions, fluid around one side of the heart and sinus tachycardia.

I have had multiple tests and they do not know why my heart is beating so fast the doctor and several nurses have said it is more than likely the vaccine and I may just have to learn to live with it. They have said there is multiple people in here with the same symptoms.

I myself have spoke to several people who all appear to be vaccine injured I am currently in a ward with almost 30 people and it appears half are here after the vaccine several with blood clots, a 16 year old with severe headaches and blacking out who had the first Pfizer a week ago. There are two 19 year old girls who have difficulty breathing and chest pain within days of vaccine.

When I was in A&E on Friday night a 23 year old came in and was brought to resus with a high heart rate he had the Pfizer vaccine that day.

I have spoken to several other people who are severely sick within days of vaccine some with seizures, some with blood clots, some tachycardia.

The doctors and nurses seem to be aware of what is going on. I just want the medical treatment to make me better and to get back on with my life.

I took the vaccine in good faith trying to do the right thing and because I felt pressured and was scared but now I am scared that I won’t get better and won’t receive the help I need and that is even scarier.

Please share my story, I would like to speak to a journalist or anybody who can help tell my story and warn other people.

Ivor Cummins tweeted INFTO's website is "The most important website in Ireland right now - perhaps in the world"

INFTO also met with Irish politicians online on 21 August to raise their concerns.

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