The New Year messages of each of our political parties shows up the lack of real political wisdom and action that reigns in Gibraltar today. It demonstrates the reality of rule by one person: the Chief Minister.

How sad, especially now that we are faced with the huge challenge that Gibexit will bring, whether there is a ‘deal’ or ‘no deal’.

And that in a Gibraltar which fought against the dictatorship of Franco, yet accepts the dictatorship of a Chief Minister, who is replaced every so many years by a totally inexperienced person, backed by totally inexperienced ministers.


It is a damning criticism of our electoral and parliamentary system. Voters are fed up with many of our elected politicians.

Many constituents simply do not consider that what we have, the GSLP-Liberal Government, is up to the job any longer, or doing good; equally they see no alternative. It raises the question, will many voters stay at home at the next election? Therefore, meaning that an unwanted GSLP-Liberal Alliance will be returned to government.

Yes, it is time for electoral and parliamentary change, but change that eliminates “pagas muerta” who are on a gravy train, whilst the going was easy. Now the going is hard. Let us see what each Minister and MP is made of. That is not coming through yet.

It is time also for change in our public service. A change that eliminates political interference in administrative decision making. A change that makes public servants, especially senior ones, responsible and answerable. The Government has admitted that it will happen in the GHA. It needs to happen across all government.

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