DGTV – For people who want The Truth, NOT propaganda (Govt. lies)

Due to YouTube’s censorship of relevant news and truth being revealed by brave whistle blowers and truthers, this bitchute channel was created to be a bastion of truth for our Defending-Gibraltar forum site.

This channel – now being dubbed DGTV – also contains videos that support posts featured on the new Gibraltar Messenger website.

Since being created in early July 2022, DGTV has garnered over 100K views. And in only a few short months, over 200 have subscribed to the channel.

Playlists are available to view for members of bitchute or subscribers to the channel.

Videos are added daily on a wide-range of topics.

Topics include Covid Plandemic, Russia/Ukraine/WW3 News, New World Order, Health, Survival, Anti-corruption, WEF defiance, Science & Technology, Environment, Economics, Christianity, God and much more. Regional focus include the UK, Europe, Gibraltar, Spain, and The Campo.

Defending-Gibraltar Truther Forum (DGTV)

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