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Lisa Marie Presley, the Daughter of Elvis Presley, Dies at 54

The death on Thursday came after a medical emergency and brief hospitalization.

Lisa Marie Presley, the singer-songwriter and only child of Elvis Presley, died on Thursday after a medical emergency and brief hospitalization. She was 54.

“It is with a heavy heart that I must share the devastating news that my beautiful daughter Lisa Marie has left us,” her mother, Priscilla Presley, said in a statement, according to The Associated Press. “She was the most passionate, strong and loving woman I have ever known.”

Earlier in the day, Priscilla Presley said that her daughter had been receiving medical attention but did not share more information.

“Upon the deputies’ arrival, paramedics were performing CPR and assessing the patient’s status,” the authorities said. “They determined the patient had signs of life and immediately transported her to a local hospital for further medical care.”

Make-shift MORGUES built during Covid crisis are being reopened to house dead bodies amid surge in fatalities over festive period

  • Mortuaries have been set up at council gritting yards and near nature reserves
  • Sites have been us to cope with unusually high death numbers in recent years

Make-shift morgues built during the darkest days of the Covid pandemic are being reopened amid a sharp rise in excess deaths.

Temporary mortuaries at council gritting yards and near nature reserves are back in action once again to deal with the uptick.

Around 4,000 more Brits died than expected during the final fortnight of 2022, with the ongoing NHS crisis, cold December weather and 'twindemic' of flu and Covid all blamed.

Temporary morgues were originally set up in beauty spots and airports to cope with the unusually high numbers of Covid deaths at the start of 2020.

REPORT: American Airlines Put A Stop To Flights – “Our Pilots Are Dropping Dead From COVID Jabs”

“There is no excuse for any of this, Americans. They have been warned every step of the way.”

How many times have Americans been warned about the fruit of this last plandemic (Ezekiel 3)?

Broadcasting on radio, paying attention to the grass roots level truth tellers across the world, and listening to the tens of thousands of doctors that warned us of the fruit of these experimental jabs; there is no excuse (Jeremiah 5:21)! Consider the source of those who sold you this “plandemic,” Americans!

On Thursday night, a friend of mine who is an airline stewardess, took the time to send me what it is that we all knew was coming.

Newspunch reported: American Airlines Ceases Multiple Routes: “Our Pilots Are Dropping Dead From COVID Jabs.”

American Airlines has announced the closure of multiple flight routes across America due to a massive shortage of pilots, many of whom have died since getting the Covid vaccine.

The airline told Fox Business about the drastic decision in a statement: “In response to the pilot shortage affecting the airline industry, American Airlines has made the difficult decision to end service in Columbus, Georgia (CSG), Del Rio, Texas (DRT) and Long Beach, California (LGB) this spring,” American Airlines stated.

The news comes as multiple reports have shown that pilots are suffering fatal heart attacks, sometimes mid-flight, due to complications from the mandatory Covid vaccine they had to take. reports: “We’re extremely grateful for the care and service our team members provided to our customers in these cities, and are working closely with them during this time. We’ll proactively reach out to customers scheduled to travel to offer alternate arrangements,” the airline told FOX Business.

American Airlines has dropped 19 cities from its routes since the beginning of the pandemic. Other airlines have seen similar service cuts due to the ongoing shortage of pilots, as well as waxing and waning demand.

Americans NEED justice! (Isaiah 51:4)

17-year-old dies 'suddenly and unexpectedly' after suffering cardiac arrest: 'No explanation as to why'

A Las Vegas family is mourning the loss of a teenager who died "suddenly and unexpectedly" after suffering from cardiac arrest.

Jordan Brister, 17, was at school on Jan. 3 when he experienced sudden cardiac arrest. He was found inside one of the school's bathrooms after gym class, his family told KSNV-TV.

School officials provided lifesaving support, and Brister was transported to a nearby hospital. But he died on Sunday, five days after his medical emergency.

A GoFundMe set up in Brister's honor said there was no explanation for Brister's sudden death.

"The Brister family has suffered a tremendous loss, a loss none of them were prepared for," the GoFundMe explains. "Jordan Tyler Brister suddenly and unexpectedly suffered cardiac arrest while at school with no explanation as to why."

Brister's mother, Savanna, said in a statement that her son planned to join the military.

Jordan was a selfless, respectful, Southern gentleman who was kind to everyone. He was witty and charming. He wanted to join the military to become a para rescue jumper to save others. In the end, he saved others through donation of organs, so his dream was somewhat fulfilled. He was a wise, older brother who cared deeply for his brother and sister. Jordan was truly everything you could ask for and more. He had a heart of gold.

The Clark County Coroner's Office is investigating Brister's death. An official cause of death has not yet been announced.

Brister's sudden medical emergency happened just two days before another Las Vegas teenager, 16-year-old Ashari Hughes, suddenly died after she suffered a "medical emergency" while playing a game of flag football.

The corner said Hughes "died from anomalous origin of the right coronary artery from left coronary sinus of valsalva," KVVU-TV reported. The death was reportedly declared "natural."

Lisa Marie (Presley) said on March 12, 2022, she was vax’ed. And now she’s dead.

[INTERVIEW] Doctors Under Fire for Reporting 80 Sudden Doctor Deaths

Canadian doctors have been dying unexpectedly and in unprecedented numbers–now upwards of 100–since the rollout of the Covid-19 “vaccines” December 2020. Dr. William Makis, MD and cancer researcher, along with his team have been tracking and reporting the alarming number of sudden deaths in young doctors. His pleas to the Canadian Medical Association to investigate any correlation with the experimental mRNA injections have been ignored and publicly deemed misinformation.
Dr. Mark Trozzi, MD, ER physician, recently joined Dr. Makis in helping to alert the public of 80 doctor deaths, openly calling for a halt to all Covid-19 “vaccines,” through his own platform.

Rather than helping to alert the public of the public health disaster, the mainstream media continues to trumpet the official “safe and effective” narrative, while abandoning its journalistic principles to investigate if there is any merit to Dr. Makis’ findings. Instead of pressuring the government to begin autopsies in the unexpected deaths, the legacy media continue to question and vilify the credibility of both doctors despite autopsy reports and numerous studies showing conclusive proof of deaths by the Covid injections.

Join us for this exclusive interview, as Drs. Makis and Trozzi discuss the ongoing attacks for reporting deaths that should concern all Canadians and the continuing rise of young doctor deaths.

Since Dr. Makis’ interviews with Bright Light News at 32 doctor deaths and 90 doctor deaths, the Canadian Medical Association has removed the vast majority of its reported obituary deaths in its In Memorium page. This is a link to the Way Back Machine’s copy of the January 2020 page, which no longer exists at the CMA website.

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Washington Fire Captain Found Dead in His Bed Hours After Responding to Call: ‘Completely Unexpected’

A fire captain in Clallam County, Washington, was discovered dead Thursday morning only hours after he had returned from a call.

Charles “Chad” Cate, 46, was found deceased in his bunk bed by fellow firefighters at the station at around 7:00 a.m., Callam County Fire District 3 said in a press release. He was last seen at around 2:20 a.m. that same morning after returning to the station from a fire alarm activation at a commercial building.

Cate then returned to the site of an earlier house fire in the Dungeness neighborhood in Sequim, where he texted the captain at around 4:00 a.m. to tell him all was good at the scene, according to the U.S. Fire administration.

“His passing was completely unexpected and has stunned his family, friends and brothers and sisters of the IAFF 2933 and his entire Clallam County Fire District 3 family,” a local firefighter union stated in a Facebook post paying tribute to Cate.

The Department of Labor and Industries is investigating the firefighter’s death, which is the protocol for any state employee who dies or is injured on the job, the Peninsula Daily News reported.

“[Cate] was raised in the area and graduated from Sequim High School where he has continued to be involved as the Wrestling Coach. He was hired by the District in 1997 as a firefighter/paramedic and promoted to the rank of captain in 2020,” the county fire department said in a statement.

The IAFF 2993 union and the fire department are working with Cate’s family to organize his funeral in the coming days.

The cause of the fire captain’s death is unknown. An autopsy occurred later on Thursday, according to the Daily News .

Cate leaves behind a wife, his two-year-old son, and two adult children.

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American Idol star CJ Harris dead at 31 after suffering ‘apparent heart attack’

A family member tells us CJ suffered an apparent heart attack Sunday night in Jasper, Alabama ... he was taken to a local hospital by ambulance, but didn't make it.

AMERICAN Idol star CJ Harris has died at the age of 31.

A family member revealed to TMZ that CJ suffered an apparent heart attack on January 14th in Jasper, Alabama.

On Sunday night, the American Idol star was taken to a local hospital by ambulance, but did not survive.

Too Many People Are Dying & They Cannot Conceal The Truth Any Longer: The Conspirators Are Now Attempting To Re-Write The Narrative – Federal Government Gives Victims Ultimatums (Video)

“They are, again, making things up, modifying, revising and creating diagnosis in covering up their crimes against humanity in hopes that you are as stupid as they wish you to be.”

If the likes of Mr. Depopulation Bill Gates aren’t blaming the anti-vaxxers, as they are called, for the crimes that he and his accomplices are guilty of committing, then they are doing their best to rewrite the narrative (Revelation 12:10).

A good question to ask yourself is, when did Bill Gates become a doctor?

However, Bill Gates and his accomplices did not want you to see the death toll that would soon follow (John 10:10).

This must be the reason for the FBI, CIA and Big Tech (Facebook, etc.) companies, along with the mainstream media’s illegal censorship of free speech on their platforms.

Now, the media is at it again, pushing another contradictory message, only to confuse those who listen to them (Daniel 9:7).

They want the people to believe that strong, young, athletic men that routinely exercise and are on the top of their physical games are the problem.

Friends, they just can’t explain why they are having cardiac arrests, often live on television, and dying suddenly for the whole world to see (Luke 12:2).

Everything we have all been raised to believe when it comes to exercise and taking care of our physical bodies is now being called into question. I am not buying it.

When the people call their conspiracies for what they are, they resort to what it is that we all know to be a lie (Jeremiah 11:9).

Therefore, in order to confuse the people, in hopes of throwing off their plethora of crimes, they want you to adhere to their narrative as they continuously change it up (Ephesians 4:14)!

The federal government is stepping in to help cover-up for the crimes of the agencies for which they conspire.

As William Cullen Bryant rightly stated, “Truth crushed to the earth will rise again,” and so it is (John 8:32)!


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Deaths” Continue to Explode at the Beginning of 2023]
January 15, 2023

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

“Sudden deaths” of children and young, previously healthy people, continue to be reported here at the beginning of 2023.

From celebrities to athletes to children, those who trusted in the COVID-19 shots continue to drop dead in unprecedented numbers, while the corporate media and the U.S. Government continue to try and dispute that these deaths have anything to do with the “vaccines.”

There is one thing that is certain: if you refuse the vaccines, you cannot die from being injected by them.

Here is a short video collection of obituaries of those who have died suddenly within the past few weeks. Thanks to checkur6 who compiled the bulk of these.


I have been notified that the Tweet image that we and many others have used of “Lisa Marie” is probably not Lisa Marie Presley.

"Sudden Deaths" Continue to Explode at the Beginning of 2023


Chinese Regime Hiding Real COVID Death Toll; Figure Far Higher Than Official Tally: Experts

By Dorothy Li

January 17, 2023 Updated: January 17, 2023
The Chinese regime is still covering up the true COVID-19 death toll in China, experts said in response to Chinese authorities’ recent admission of tens of thousands of deaths in the latest wave. The true figure is likely exponentially higher, they say.

Studies and official statements revealing high infection numbers, as well as accounts from residents and mortuary workers, suggest the country is harboring a significant death count, according to analysts.

China’s top health regulator on Jan. 14 acknowledged nearly 60,000 COVID-19-related deaths in the first five weeks after the regime’s abrupt retreat from its zero-COVID policy in December 2022.

While the figure is an increase from the absurdly low official tallies—37 deaths—previously reported by Chinese officials that prompted widespread skepticism, experts remain unconvinced by the disclosure.

“The newly reported death figures are still suspicious,” said Song Guo-cheng, a researcher at National Chengchi University’s Institute of International Relations in Taiwan.

The rate of COVID-19 infection suggests a far higher death toll, according to Song.

Massive Outbreak

A study by China’s Peking University estimated that up to 64 percent of the country’s population, or 900 million people, had already contracted COVID-19 by mid-January. The researchers’ model is based on online search data of COVID-19 symptoms, such as fever and cough.

As explosive outbreaks ripple across the country, health experts both at home and abroad have turned to proxy data, such as online surveys and anecdotal accounts, to gauge the scale of the outbreak in the absence of reliable COVID statistics.

China’s top health body, the National Health Commission (NHC), stopped publishing daily infections and acknowledged only dozens of deaths prior to the latest disclosure. But scenes of overwhelmed hospitals and crematoria have stoked distrust of the official tallies among Chinese residents and outside observers.

Epoch Times Photo

Patients on wheelchairs and people in the emergency department of a hospital in Beijing on Jan. 3, 2023. (Jade Gao/AFP via Getty Images)

Even regional data pointed to an outbreak far more severe than what the nation’s top health authorities disclosed.

An official in China’s central Henan Province, home to 99.4 million people, said in a press conference that the COVID-19 infection rate may have hit 89 percent by Jan. 6. In the northern city of Hohhot, which has a population of 3 million, authorities said on Jan. 14 that between 74 to 81 percent have caught the virus.

The NHC estimated that 250 million people had contracted the virus from Dec. 1 to Dec. 20, 2022, according to leaked minutes from a meeting last month.

With the roughly 70 percent infection rate and a large elderly population, the death toll, based on a 1 percent mortality rate, should be much higher than the official tally of 60,000 COVID-19-related deaths, according to Song.

“The information obtained from various sources and online reports is in sharp contrast with the [COVID] figures disclosed by the Chinese Communist Party [CCP]. This underscores that the CCP is still playing with the data, covering up [the true scale of the outbreak], Song said.

Dr. Scott Atlas, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford and a COVID-19 adviser during the Trump administration, expressed a similar viewpoint.

“We cannot trust the numbers coming out of China. They didn’t make sense in the beginning,” Atlas said of China’s COVID data in a recent interview with NTD, a sister media outlet of The Epoch Times.

While Chinese authorities may have made revisions to the death toll, Atlas suggested that the true situation remains concealed.

“It’s very difficult to figure out what’s going on when there’s no transparency,” said Atlas, who’s also a contributor to The Epoch Times.

He noted that the Chinese regime “apparently prefers to save face rather than tell the truth and cooperate fully with the international community.”

Epoch Times Photo

Hearse vans carrying bodies to be cremated are queued up at a crematorium in China’s southwestern city of Chongqing on Dec. 22, 2022. (Noel Celis / AFP via Getty Images)

Death Toll Concealed

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the regime has drawn widespread criticism for its covering up of COVID-related information in a bid to downplay news that it deems harmful to its image. As the virus first emerged in Wuhan in late 2019, the regime concealed the scale of the outbreak and silenced whistleblowers, allowing regional outbreaks to develop into a pandemic.

Now, with the virus spreading like a wildfire through the nation’s vast population, who have weakened immune systems after three years of harsh lockdowns, there’s a widening gap between official figures and accounts from crematorium workers, frontline staff, and residents on the ground.

Related Coverage

Chinese Regime Hiding Real COVID Death Toll; Figure Far Higher Than Official Tally: ExpertsPartially Cremated Remains Left on Road Trigger Alarm Amid China’s Spiraling COVID Outbreak

A worker at Baoxing funeral home in Shanghai told The Epoch Times in December 2022 that they were burning 400 to 500 bodies a day, up from the maximum of 90 before the pandemic restrictions were lifted.

Another resident in the nearby city of Suzhou described the crowded condition at Suzhou Funeral Home as akin to the city’s most famous shopping street, which is always packed.

“It’s such a miserable scene,” she said in a recent interview with The Epoch Times. The woman, who declined to be named for fear of reprisals, joined the long lines outside the building on Jan. 6, waiting for the cremation of her late mother, who died of COVID two days earlier. That same day, the woman lost two other relatives who died from COVID, she added.

Epoch Times Photo

A woman holds a picture frame of a loved one at a crematorium in Beijing on Dec. 20, 2022. (Noel Celis/AFP via Getty Images)

Sean Lin, a virologist and former lab director at the viral disease branch of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, gave a conservative estimate that about 6 million bodies could have been burned over the past month, assuming that China’s crematoriums are running 24/7. But that figure is likely only about half of all deaths, as people in the countryside may not have access to such services and are buried rather than cremated. After subtracting non-COVID-19-related deaths, the death toll could have reached 10 million, Lin said.

“The government is certainly completely lying on this,” he told The Epoch Times.

Lin noted that his rough estimate “is still probably far lower than the real situation, but it’s already much higher than that government’s lie.”

Rural Communities Struggle

The COVID-19 crisis appears to be more acute in rural communities, where medical resources lag behind the large cities.

A villager at Chisha, home to 14,000 in southwest China, said people aged over 70, especially those with underlying diseases, were dying in high numbers. “There were so many catching the virus [in the village]. Around a dozen [of the elderly] have died,” she told The Epoch Times on Jan. 16.

The woman, who only gave her surname Yang for fear of reprisals, noted that the explosive outbreak starting in December 2022 had drained the medical resources of the village in Shaanxi Province.

“The village doctors went home to give an injection as people tested positive for the first time. Soon after, they ran out of medicine. Many elderly people weren’t able to make it through and passed away,” she said.

But those villagers dying at home likely aren’t included in the recent update of the fatalities linked to COVID-19. The NHC said that the 59,938 COVID-19-related deaths between Dec. 8, 2022, and Jan. 12, only referred to people who died in hospitals, implying the latest acknowledgment is still likely to be a vast undercount.

Epoch Times Photo

Elderly people sitting in front of a house in a rural area in Tai’an in China’s eastern Shandong Province on Jan. 7, 2023. (Noel Celis/AFP via Getty Images)

The World Health Organization (WHO) welcomed the regime’s disclosure but appealed to Chinese authorities to continue monitoring “excess mortality.” China’s narrow definition of COVID-19 mortality, which is limited to patients who died from respiratory failure after contracting COVID-19, has led to global criticism, with the WHO saying the criteria “will very much underestimate the true death toll associated with COVID.” No other country uses this narrow definition of a COVID-19 death.

There are already indications that the CCP is pressuring doctors and funeral workers to cover up the fatalities. In December 2022, a funeral parlor leader in Anhui Province said they were instructed to avoid writing COVID-19 pneumonia as the primary cause of death on certificates and use words like lung infection instead.

Outside observers worry that the regime’s cover-up of the country’s current outbreaks poses a fresh risk to global health.

Without reliable data, it’s impossible for international health experts to build mathematical modeling, assess the transmission and fatality rate, and determine whether there are new variants, not to mention develop vaccines to combat it, according to Song.

“Such practices by the CCP will basically create chaos in public health across the globe,” he said.

Epoch Times Photo

Workers wearing protective masks and suits help Chinese travelers leaving the arrival hall after being tested for the COVID-19 virus at Rome Fiumicino International Airport, near Rome, on Dec. 29, 2022. (Filippo Monteforte/AFP via Getty Images)

Global Concern

The lack of reliable public health data has sparked international concern, particularly regarding a new, more deadly variant emerging from the country. The United States and more than a dozen countries now require visitors traveling from China to present negative COVID-19 test results, a border curb that China itself has in place.

Gordon Chang, an author and senior fellow at the Gatestone Institute, a conservative think tank, suggested that all countries should shut down their borders as the CCP is once again concealing the true scale of the COVID-19 crisis.

“China is too dangerous to deal with, whether we’re talking about COVID or talking about something else. We can not have relations with China, as long as it’s ruled by the Communist Party, because the Communist Party, just by its inherent nature, is malicious,” Chang said in a previous interview.

“We’ve got to defend ourselves.”

Eva Fu, Hong Ning, and Luo Ya contributed to this report.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article misspelt Gordon Chang’s name. The Epoch Times regrets the error.

Chinese Regime Hiding Real COVID Death Toll; Figure Far Higher Than Official Tally: Experts

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The two oldest people in the world survived covid

How many dead injected are cremated and are breathed in?

Warning: White House preparing huge shift in Died Suddenly narrative

If this guy is right, the powers that be are preparing to cover their behinds by claiming that the recent wave of unexpected and unusual deaths (heart attacks, stokes, etc) which has spiked mortality statistics around the globe is due not to the shot, but to Long Covid.

Seems to me this is easily discerned through the “science” and “data” they love so much. Let’s look at how many unvaccinated people have Long Covid. Let’s look at how many unvaccinated people are dying suddenly. Let’s get to the bottom of it. But let’s not fall for their claptrap again.

Check out the video in the second Tweet – they are getting desperate out there. Blaming everything from dirt to solar storms for the “Died Suddenly” epidemic is pathetic – but grimly amusing.

Husband dies suddenly in sleep as wife pregnant with child only months after marriage

A heartbroken expecting mother, has written a tearful letter to her recently deceased husband. Connor Rissel unexpectedly died in his sleep on Thursday morning.

Shannon shared the tribute to the "love of her life" who had "such a big heart" on Instagram.

The pair had only got married in September 2022 after five years together.

They lived in Gorokon, on NSW's Central Coast.

The couple had just celebrated finding out Shannen was pregnant with their first child due in August.

Alan Komissaroff, 47, a Fox News senior vice president who supervised the cable-news network's political-news coverage, has died following a heart attack, aged 47.

DC_Draino -

This is horrible to watch

Diamond said she couldn’t breathe and then died suddenly

Silk is demanding answers about the vaccine and what it did to her sister

Why does this keep happening?!

Why do healthy Americans keep dying suddenly out of nowhere?!?!


Dr. John Campbell reviews new UK life insurance data showing 2022 mortality rates increased 7.8% in young adults.

“The government must give an explanation of this . . . It’s just incredible.”

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Clay Travis: Why is the Sports Media Afraid To Investigate If Sudden Athlete Collapses Are Linked To The Covid Vaccine

35-Year-Old Middle School Coach and Teacher Drops Dead in Front of His Class After Suffering from Heart Attack

A middle school coach and teacher at Devine Independent School District died suddenly of a heart attack after collapsing in front of his students early in January.

Jacob Sanchez, age 35, of Bigfoot, Texas died on Thursday, January 5, 2023.

According to reports, Sanchez suddenly collapsed at the start of class.

He was promptly given CPR by the staff members, but unfortunately, they were unable to save him.

Vaccination Status: Fully Vaccinated

According to his social media account, Jacob Sanchez received his first dose of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine on December 2020 and second dose on January 2021.