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Co-Founder of Leading Animal Rescue Organizations Chad Atkins Dies Suddenly from “Heart Failure” While at Home

Chad Atkins, the co-founder of a notable animal rescue group in Los Angeles, California died suddenly from “heart failure” while at home, according to TMZ. He was 44.

“Today our hearts are incredibly heavy and we are at a complete loss for words,” the organization announced on Sunday.

“Paw Works and the world has lost a truly incredible person who devoted his entire existence to saving animals. In the process, he managed to save many humans with his compassion, sassy wit, smile and unconditional devotion.”

The organization confirmed that Atkins died from “heart failure.”

“As a part of our Paw Works family, we are saddened to let you know of the passing of Chad Atkins, the cofounder and heart of PawWorks. He passed unexpectedly from heart failure at home and is survived by his son, Sebastian, and his husband, Bryan Diaz.”

Atkin’s partner, Bryan Diaz, also released a statement following his death.

“Not something I ever wanted to see but my handsome man did good work. I can’t imagine being more proud about someone’s accomplishments than his,” said Diaz.

“Chad made me a better man, father and human. He encouraged me to take chances, even when I was too scared to try. The traveling around the world, eating different foods..all him. When it came to our home, he made it just that – a home. With his awesome sense of style – a little Boujee and a little country. I can’t say enough about this man. He was our rock, our hero, our inspiration. I can’t say goodbye and I don’t want to but I know I must. He will forever stay in my heart, my soul, and my mind. I will kiss him in my dreams.”

Paw Works will be opening a low-cost spay and neuter clinic at their new rescue location.


Link to last years song
It's beginning to look a lot like...

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Thai princess collapses from heart condition, palace says

The Thai King's eldest daughter collapsed from a heart condition on Wednesday evening, Thailand's royal palace says.

Princess Bajrakitiyabha, the eldest daughter of King Vajiralongkorn, collapsed while training her dogs north-east of Bangkok, the palace said.

The 44-year-old was taken to a nearby hospital, then taken by helicopter to Bangkok, where she is being treated.

The palace described her condition last night as "stable to a certain extent".

Medical bulletins from the royal palace in Thailand are typically vague and cryptic, and from the single statement issued about Princess Bajrakitiyabha, it is difficult to gauge how serious her condition is, says the BBC's Jonathan Head in Bangkok.

The statement says nothing about her state of health now. Some reports have suggested it is a lot more serious than stated.

The princess is the daughter of the king's first wife Princess Soamsawali, and his eldest child. She has been a part of her father's innermost circle since he succeeded King Bhumibol in 2016, and has been made a senior officer in the king's personal guard.

She is the most visibly accomplished of the inner royal circle, with post-graduate degrees in law from two US universities.

King Vajiralongkorn has not yet named an heir to the throne, but Princess Bajrakitiyabha is widely viewed as the most suitable successor.

Being one of the king's three children who have formal titles, she is eligible for the throne under a 1924 Palace Law of Succession.

She is a fitness enthusiast and also has a long record of advocating penal reform in Thailand.

She is especially vocal for female prisoners, of which Thailand has one of the world's highest populations.

She was Thailand's ambassador to Austria from 2012 to 2014.

On cam: Woman dies of heart attack while dancing during a wedding programme

In a shocking incident reported from Seoni district of Madhya Pradesh, a woman died of heart attack while she was dancing during a wedding programme. The woman collapsed on the dance floor and died on the spot. It is said the woman was dancing during a marriage ceremony when she suddenly fell down and died. The woman was immediately rushed to a hospital where doctors declared her brought dead. The video of the incident has gone viral on social media.

Woman dies of heart attack while dancing in Madhya Pradesh's Seoni, video goes viral


Paul Kitching: Tributes pour in for legendary Edinburgh chef after death - from Jay Rayner to Michelin Guide

Celebrities and food industry leaders have made moving tributes to Edinburgh chef Paul Kitching following his sudden death.

14-Year-Old “Fit and Healthy” Child Suffers Cardiac Arrest While Out Biking

A 14-year-old child from England suffered from cardiac arrest while he was out riding his bike last week.

Oscar and his stepfather, Adam Dawe, 34, were mountain biking along with the mountain biking group Cornwall Bicycle Project on Bodmin Moor when Oscar complained of feeling dizzy, according to Essex Live.

“Oscar has always loved mountain biking, since he was nine or 10 he’s been out with me doing 18-mile rides and absolutely smashed it,” said Adam.

“So when he started falling behind on a relatively easy ride, it was strange. It wasn’t like Oscar. We managed to get him back to the car park when he said he felt dizzy, but when we got there he just collapsed, his heart stopped beating and he stopped breathing.

“It was horrendous. I can’t stop thinking about what would have happened if it had happened 15 minutes before when I was alone with Oscar.”

Someone in the group performed CPR, sparing his life, while others went to retrieve a defibrillator. Oscar was taken to the hospital, and his mother, Emmie Moran, 38, has been by his side at Bristol Children’s Hospital.

He spent four days in an induced coma and, although he has now regained consciousness, is still awaiting open heart surgery.

The abnormal growth of one of his arteries, compared to a normal heart, is what the doctors think was the cause of his cardiac arrest, according to Essex Live. They diagnosed him with an untreated underlying heart condition. The doctor said Oscar had six months to recover.

“Oscar is usually so fit and healthy; we had no idea he had an underlying heart condition,” according to the fundraising campaign organized for Oscar.

“Oscar’s life was saved by the quick thinking of one individual there that night and also the team effort of everyone out riding with him.”

“Luckily, they managed to perform CPR and get a defibrillator from the local village very quickly. This ultimately resulted in saving his life and had there not been a defibrillator so close, we know that Oscar would not have survived. Oscar is still in Bristol’s Children’s Hospital, awaiting open heart surgery, to fix the issue the Doctor’s found with his heart.”


The United States is becoming the Fourth Reich, the continuation of an ideology thought to have been vanquished more than a half century ago. This concept may seem absurd to those who cannot see past the rose-colored spin, hype, and disinformation poured out daily by the corporate mass media.

Most of the corporate mass media is owned by the very same families and corporations who supported the Nazis before World War II. National Socialism never died, but rather its insidious philosophy is alive and active in modern America.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: 4 Phases Of Jab-Related Death!! The Worst Is Yet To Come!!

Video in link above.

Bioweapon Truth: The WORST Is Yet To Come

Vaxxed Into Early Graves, Little Did They Know The Vax Mandates Would Be Death Sentences - Young And Healthy People Never Used To Just 'Drop Dead' At This Astounding Rate!

- Dr. Anthony Fauci Is Hess, Barbie And Mengele Rolled Into One

Reading this linked story over at the Daily Mail Thursday morning broke my heart. Reporting that a 'Great Hero' had just passed away, 47-year-old, decorated Navy SEAL special operations commander Robert Ramirez III, who was found dead at his San Diego home one month after taking over elite SEAL Team One, the commenters on the story wasted no time at all getting to what the story neglected to report.

With the top-voted comment on the story from 'Lori in Texas' being "Probably got the forced mRNA injection," all of the rest of the top-voted comments and responses show why the globalists should be shaking in their satanic boots as people across the world awaken quickly to their 'clot shot genocide'. And while military officials recently claimed the death of Ramirez was by suicide, the commenters on the original story saw what the military and govt are hiding.

"Of course he got the jab. He was in the military and in a position of leadership. It was mandated. Little did he know that it would be a death sentence!"

"We are literally witnessing a slow motion de pop op being pulled worldwide by the N W O and yet only a small percentage of us are awake enough to acknowledge it. Surreal. It's like we're sharing a Twilight Zone episode, folks!"

"The best thing about being a jab conspiracy theorist, is a lack of myocarditis."

"Biden's accursed mandate."

"Let me guess.... Died suddenly! Heart attack or in his sleep."

"Vaxxed into an early grave. What the Taliban couldnt do, the vax did."

"Your government kills you by forcing the jab, tragic."

"Died suddenly... Google it."

"No foul play, except the foul play of the mandatory jabbing."

"We're all thinking it; was he treated with the mNRA? (Of course he was!) Otherwise healthy, young individuals never used to drop at this rate."

"The AR-15 is definitely less lethal than the mRNA C19."

"I never thought I would be so worried about my life expectancy at 51 years old. Looks like making it this far is beating the odds nowadays. My most sincere condolences to his family and friends."

With Cmdr. Ramirez's death coming during the same time period as a whole ton of 'sudden deaths,' such as the recent death of the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers running back Franco Harris, who died unexpectedly just hours after doing a radio interview within which he told the interviewer 'he felt great,' we'd warned just days ago in this ANP story that "2023 Is Going To Be Replete With 'Excess Death'" and we're clearly watching that unfolding right now. Of note, as Health Impact News reports in this new story, Franco Harris was also a CDC spokesperson, urging Americans to take their 'death shots.'

(ANP EMERGENCY FUNDRAISER: Due to heavy censorship by 'big tech' upon ANP articles, we're running an EMERGENCY fundraising drive. We also want to thank everybody who has donated to ANP over the years. With donations and ad revenue all that keep ANP online, if you're able, please consider donating to ANP to help keep us in this fight for America's future at this absolutely critical time in US history. During a time of systematic, 'big tech' censorship and widespread institutional corruption, truth-seeking media and alternative views are crucial, and EVERY little bit helps more than you could know!)

With one element or another of the United States government supporting coronavirus gain-of-function research from Ukraine to Wuhan, China and all the way back home to North Carolina, and the globalists just showing us their 'playbook' for their next 'catastrophic contagion' a warning their newest bioweapons have probably just been released upon us considering it was just a couple of months after their 'Event 201' that all COVID hell broke loose, whenever Bill Gates and the WHO hold exercises simulating the annihilation of the human race, we should be paying very close attention.

Because with support among Americans for the 'clot shots' plummeting as pointed out by Dr. Joel Hirschhorn in this new ANP story, the globalists definitely need to unveil a new scheme to get the dumbed-down masses scared again and eager to line up for their 'shots,' most having no idea those jabs might bring them a death sentence as so many people across the world are now learning way too late.

And while thankfully the vaxxes aren't killing off everybody, others are learning far too late that the 'clot shots' quite often come with devastating side effects, such as those now being suffered by singer/performer Celine Dion, who is known to be “fully vaccinated” and is now suffering from an extremely rare disease called “Stiff Person Syndrome,” which just happens to be one of the listed side effects of Pfizer’s messenger RNA (mRNA) injection for the Fauci Flu.

And while Pfizer fully knew about the link between its jabs and 'stiff person syndrome' all the way back in early 2021, with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officially becoming aware of the link in April of 2021, why were the American people NEVER TOLD that taking their jabs could lead to such catastrophic side effects? Well because doing so would have created “vaccine hesitancy” and plummeting big pharma mafia profits, and they definitely couldn't have that now, could they.

We've gone ahead and embedded several videos below, some actually created by people who have been injured by the 'jab' and are speaking out now about those injuries, more words of warning to those who still might be thinking of getting their deadly injections from those who actually rushed out to do so. With one video featuring a Doctor warning us that a countless number of Canadian Doctors are now dead, presumably from the 'kill shot,' as we see in another video, one pro-vax talking head now has lungs full of blood clots while another video proves there is an awful lot of 'sickness' now going around.

So while the mainstream media will continue to try to cover up this 'clot shot genocide' until they're no longer able to do so, and the globalists heavily targeting our youngest generations for these jabs that are definitely NOT stopping people from getting COVID nor dying from it and are increasingly being blamed for more and more catastrophic 'sudden and unexplained' deaths and a variety of injuries, as more and more doctors are warning, the worst is yet to come with 2023 moving us that much closer to 2025.

With ANP long warning that 2025 was the year that the Deagel Report had 'forecast' America's population to be between approximately 60 million and 100 million, a gargantuan drop of more than 200 million people, we must never forget that these globalists who have been pushing the jabs also believe we have a vastly overpopulated planet, so they need to 'cull' the population down to a much more 'manageable' number.

And as Dr. Paul Alexander pointed out in this recent entry over at his Substack blog, there is little doubt now that Dr. Anthony Fauci and his ilk are the Dr. Mengele's of our time, Hess, Barbie and Mengele all wrapped up into one! Calling them out as being 'evil devils,' while Mengele is historically known as the 'angel of death' for his horrific experiments, Fauci and the globalists should be known as the 'devils of death' for what they're doing to mankind that should end with new Nuremberg trials for that entire crime cabal if there's ANY real JUSTICE left in our world. We won't be holding our breaths for that.

So with the globalists latest push to get the children vaxxed just more proof this is some kind of sick and twisted depopulation agenda with the vaxxes already causing infertility in some, part of the long-running depopulation agenda of folks like Bill Gates and the globalists, while they are outright maiming and killing others as seen in video after video on the internet of people just dropping dead, most ANP readers aren't surprised at all by these 'happenings,' knowing that the globalists depopulation agenda was 'written in stone' for many years on the Georgia Guidestones which called for a global population of 500 million, a drop of more than 7 1/2 BILLION from the world's 8+ billion 2022 population.

Because as Susan Duclos had pointed out in this December 22nd ANP story, the people in the White House and 'running the world' are pure evil, demons dressed in human clothing, thinking of nothing but themselves while they're supposed to be servants to the American people and the good people of the world. Well we'll suggest here again, if they're TRULY SERIOUS about carrying out their 'depopulation agenda,' they should start off with themselves, showing the rest of the world just how it's done, allowing us 'useless eaters' to make our own decisions. Then the 'meek shall inherit the Earth.'

Decorated Navy special operations commander found dead at his San Diego homen +

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ABC News’ ‘This Week’ producer Dax Tejera dead at 37

A comment below article:

Katz undefined
4 hours ago

RIP Dax. My partner died of a heart attack suddenly at age 39, daily runner for decades, no health issues, no medications but she did have 3 Moderna vaccinations. Excess death data shows a lot of young people in this age group 30-39 passing from sudden death and autopsy case studies are showing spike protein from vax proliferated in the heart valves.

UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar dead at 45; MMA community mourns

UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar, who made history as a finalist on the first season of “The Ultimate Fighter,” has died. He was 45.

The UFC announced the news Saturday, Christmas Eve, and cited heart complications at work as the cause of Bonnar’s death, which occurred Thursday.

Mansfield District Council is saddened by the death of Councillor Brian Lohan, 61, who passed away unexpectedly on 24 December 2022.

16-Year-Old Hockey Player Dies on Christmas Day After Suffering Multiple Stroke

A hockey player from St. Paul, Minnesota, died on Christmas Day after suffering multiple strokes in early December.

Cormick Scanlan, 16, died on Sunday night “peacefully” and “surrounded by family,” according to a post from the St. Paul Capitals Hockey Association.

The evidence is clear and undeniable: the vaccines have been and are still killing people, with the deadly consequences being fully realised approximately five months after each vaccination.

This is a tragedy of epic proportions.

PfizerGate: Tragic Truth behind COVID Vaccines: 50k Brits have Died Suddenly in 8 Months due to Vaccination causing a 5-Month Countdown to Death

As the death toll rises, a dark shadow has been cast over Britain.

Official data reveals that since April 2022, 407,910 deaths have occurred, with 47,379 excess deaths against the 2015-2019 five-year average.

As the investigation deepens, it has become increasingly clear that the Covid-19 vaccines are the most likely cause of the unprecedented loss of life in Britain. The evidence is damning, with a startling correlation between the rollout of the vaccines and the spike in deaths.

We were told the vaccines would bring hope and healing in the midst of an alleged global pandemic. But now, it seems that they have instead brought even more devastation and pain.

The Office for National Statistics has released weekly figures on deaths registered in England and Wales, and the most recent data reveals a troubling increase.

In the week ending on December 11th, there were 11,694 deaths, with 687 excess deaths against the 2016-2019 + 2021 five-year average and 999 excess deaths against the 2015-2019 five-year average.

While Covid-19 is often blamed for such increases, this time the numbers tell a different story. Out of all the deaths, only 326 were attributed to the alleged disease – a mere 2.8%.

So what is causing this surge in fatalities?

Meanwhile, according to Public Health Scotland (PHS), Scotland suffered 1,257 deaths in the week ending 27th November, resulting in 127 excess deaths.

According to the Office for National Statistics, excess deaths have been occurring in England and Wales on a weekly basis since April 2022. To uncover the full extent of this tragedy, we dug into the data, analyzing the weekly number of deaths over the past six months and comparing them to the five-year average. What we discovered was a disturbing trend, as the chart below reveals.

As we delve deeper into the mystery of the excess deaths occurring in England and Wales, a disturbing possibility comes to light: the Covid-19 vaccines may be to blame.

According to the Office for National Statistics, excess deaths have been occurring on a weekly basis since April 2022, and while the data initially seemed to point to other causes, closer examination reveals a startling correlation between the rollout of the 2021 winter “Booster” shot and the spike in fatalities.

To uncover the full extent of this tragedy, we dug into the data, analysing the weekly number of deaths over the past eight months and comparing them to the 2015-2019 five-year average.

The chart reveals a disturbing trend, with excess deaths occurring in all but two weeks since April 2022. These two exceptions, it turns out, coincide with the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and funeral, which would have caused delays in death registrations due to the bank holidays.

But even taking these weeks into account, the data shows an average of 1,268 excess deaths every single week.

The following chart is taken from Public Health Scotland’s Covid-19 Dashboard, and it shows the weekly number of deaths compared to the 2015-2019 five-year average –

Because the chart doesn’t reveal the true picture, we downloaded the death data from the Public Health Scotland Covid-19 Dashboard, which you can also do so here, and calculated the total number of deaths between week 16 and week 47 of 2022.

According to the data, there were 34,316 deaths during this period in the 2015-2019 five-year average and 38,611 deaths during this period in 2022.

This means Scotland has suffered 4,264 excess deaths against the five-year average over the past 34 weeks.

The following chart shows the overall number of deaths and excess deaths in England, Wales & Scotland –

The five-year average number of deaths in Britain over these 8 months equates to 360,531. Meanwhile, the total number of deaths in 2022 in Britain over these 8 months equates to 407,910. Therefore, Britain has suffered 47,379 excess deaths since the middle of April 2022.

Could it be that the Covid-19 vaccines, which we were told would bring hope and healing, are instead causing unimaginable tragedy?

Well, as our investigation into the excess deaths in the UK deepened, a disturbing pattern emerged.

An analysis of official ONS data reveals that approximately five months after each dose of the Covid-19 vaccine is administered, the mortality rates among the vaccinated rise significantly compared to the unvaccinated in each age group.

The following charts were created using data extracted from table 1 of the Office for National Statistics dataset on ‘Deaths by vaccination status (Jan 21 to March 22)’ which can be accessed on the ONS website here, and downloaded here.

The first chart shows the age-standardised mortality rates per 100,000 person-years by vaccination status between the 1st January 2021 and the 30th April 2021 –

As you can see, mortality rates were highest among the unvaccinated each month. However, by the end of April 2021, five months after the first Covid-19 injection was administered in the UK, things started to even out among each vaccination group and the unvaccinated.

But look what happened in the following four months.

The first chart shows the age-standardised mortality rates per 100,000 person-years by vaccination status between the 1st May 2021 and the 30th August 2021 –

The mortality rate among the vaccinated began to surpass the mortality rate among the unvaccinated significantly. By the end of August 2022, the mortality rate per 100,000 among the unvaccinated was the second lowest among each vaccination group.

Unfortunately, a follow-up report published by the ONS on 6th July 2022, proves that things did not improve for the vaccinated population.

In fact, things got so bad that by the end of May 2022, mortality rates were lowest among the unvaccinated in every age group in England, and highest among those who received one, two, or three doses of the vaccine.

A more detailed analysis of the data contained in the above charts can be read here,

But the pattern doesn’t stop there. The data shows that not only does this pattern persist in all-cause deaths, but each dose of the vaccine also causes a significant increase in Covid-19 deaths.

Between March and July 2021, the vaccinated accounted for the majority of Covid-19 deaths in England, with the one-dose vaccinated accounting for 66% of those deaths.

The pattern repeated itself over the next five months, with deaths nearly tripling, and the two-dose vaccinated accounting for the majority of deaths at 83%.

And in the five months between January and May 2022, deaths again increased, with the triple vaccinated accounting for the majority at 82%.

The evidence is clear and undeniable: the vaccines have been and are still killing people, with the deadly consequences being fully realised approximately five months after each vaccination.

This is a tragedy of epic proportions.

Erica Gonzalez, one of our talented morning show producers, passed away overnight.

While an official cause of death has yet to be made public, WZPP Radio in Miami shared that Marley had been found in his car and allegedly passed away from an asthma attack.

Joseph 'Jo Mersa' Marley, grandson of Bob Marley, dead at 31

Cancer is increasingly taking over the lives of people around the world [includes graphic images / video]

After three doses, this man is showing the effects of the beastly vaccine in his body. Blood clots in the arms and legs.

In the left leg, you may notice a network of blocked blood vessels that appear a week after the injection. The man also complains of body aches, headaches, weakness and fatigue.

Severe reactions and complications after the second dose of Pfizer vaccine. The body is covered in wounds and secretions, some of the tissues appear necrotic.

The 36-year-old American took all three doses of the Pfizer vaccine as recommended by medical professionals, the CDC and the US media.

Now the man has aggressive skin cancer. It took only three weeks for the cancer to spread throughout the body.

Warning from Ed Dowd: 7,500 Americans are killed or disabled EACH DAY as vax jabs take heavy toll… USA imploding under “decivilization” assault

Ed Dowd, author of Cause Unknown (available at and other book resellers) joined me for an interview last night to share updated — and slightly horrifying — numbers about post-vaccine excess fatalities and excess disability claims.

The short version of that conversation is that each day in America, there are about 2,500 excess deaths and 5,000 excess disability victims due to covid-19 vaccines. This means, on average, about 7,500 Americans are removed from the potential labor pool each day. Granted, not all 7,500 are currently working, but most of them theoretically could contribute to the work force if they chose to.

Our conversation goes way beyond the mere numbers, however. We look at the macroeconomic implications of this daily removal of 7,500 people from the potential labor pool and what it means for America’s economy and military security, among other things.