Crisis actors?


No. They are Amanda Medek

Carlee Soto

and Emma MacDonald

Those were her stage names for her various roles....:wink:

The very seriously researched and presented conspiracy meme picture (a bit of sarcasm there if you didn't get it) has Emma Mcdonald labeled Aurora but the image is really from a Boston bombing vigil. So the maker didn't even get that right. (source)

The image is a tiny compressed 500x337 pixels mess.

Here are the images in high resolution. 2560x1925, for instance. You can click on them to see them bigger and if you click one more time it will zoom into 100%

Did you realize you are wrong and edited your post to add the wink?

@Persistent @ThePrisoner

Is it the same girl in these pictures?


This post is a reminder to question everything and to not have knee-jerk reactions to claims and to not spread false rumors easily..

@deleted ,
Thank-you for bringing this to light. Wasn't aware of the sarcasm or her being labeled as a crisis actor. Certainly don't want to spread false information. Our apologies to Emma MacDonald for posting the picture.
Thanks again.

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Boston Bombing was a false flag anyway, still a crisis actor. Same with Sandy Hook. Whether the same person or different. Anyway this is a MEME thread....

No I meant I was being sarcastic when I wrote "The very seriously researched and presented conspiracy meme picture" because it's actually not a seriously researched and presented picture.

So it's not one crisis actor but multiple? Do you have proof, please?

If say in the case of Sandy Hook it wasn't a real event and just staged, by definition, all those participating in the psyop are crisis actors, so yes multiple....Are you saying crisis actors don't exist?

Thank-you. Understood about sarcastic language of which is jeering, sarcastic remarks does the opposite of what they really mean in order to mock or insult someone, and in this case it is pointed at the picture. Not understanding why kindness isn't practiced instead and being frank, to the point, with straightforwardness, saying what you mean and meaning what is said instead (Ephesians 4:29), (2Peter 3:18).
Granted there is a lot of misinformation and am striving detection, so thanks again for your example of delving deeper, (hint YoDa's), question EVERYTHING.