Criminal Investigation opened against Swiss ‘National Covid-19 Science Task Force’ for committing Covid Fraud

Criminal charges have been filed against Martin Ackermann, the head of the Swiss National Covid-19 Science Task Force and “possibly other parties involved”, for deliberately and successfully frightening the population in accordance with Art. 258 of the Criminal Code.

The criminal complaint was submitted by five associations and seven private individuals.

See link for list of accusations.

What is the Swiss National COVID-19 Science Task Force?

Who is Martin Ackerman?

Science in Pandemic Mode: The Strange Case of the Swiss National COVID-19 Science Task Force:

It is also somewhat disturbing that these alleged experts in public health policy seem to give little weight to avoiding inflammatory statements, which end up confusing and frightening the public. For more than a year now, the population has been in a permanent state of anxiety and must face every day both alarmist media coverage and the undeniable weight of far-reaching restrictions, which have a considerable impact on private and professional life.