CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY – Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, his bombshell videos, and the legal-suits

Video: Pfizer Has a Criminal Record with the U.S. Department of Justice (2009). Pfizer’s Secret Report on the Covid mRNA Vaccine Confirms Extensive “Crimes against Humanity”

$2.3 Billion 2009 Medical Fraud Settlement. US Department of Justice

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In September 2009, the U.S Justice Department attorneys and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius held a news conference “dealing with a health care-related settlement”.

“The federal government announced the largest medical fraud settlement in U.S. history.

Pfizer [was] ordered [2009] to pay $2.3 billion to settle charges of promoting its drugs for uses not approved by the Food and Drug Administration.”

Pfizer Inc which is currently involved in the Worldwide distribution of the mRNA vaccine, was accused in 2009 of “Fraudulent Marketing”.

American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Inc…. has agreed to pay $2.3 billion, the largest health care fraud settlement in the history of the Department of Justice, to resolve criminal and civil liability arising from the illegal promotion of certain pharmaceutical products, the Justice Department announced today.

Pfizer in 2009 agreed to “plead guilty to a felony violation of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.”

And that is the Big Pharma Company which is now marketing the “unapproved” mRNA vaccine, which has resulted in countless deaths and injuries.

Pfizer was put on “probation” by the US Department of Justice:

“As part of the settlement, Pfizer also has agreed to enter into an expansive corporate integrity agreement with the Office of Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services. That agreement provides for procedures and reviews to be put in place to avoid and promptly detect conduct similar to that which gave rise to this matter.”

Corporate Integrity??? Where are the procedures and reviews?

That “similar conduct” by Pfizer is being repeated in 2020-2021 on a much larger scale than that of 2009.

What is unfolding is the Worldwide “fraudulent marketing” of a “killer vaccine”.

Video: Pfizer’s “Secret” Report on the Covid Vaccine. Beyond Manslaughter. The Evidence is Overwhelming. The Vaccine Should Be Immediately Withdrawn Worldwide

Breaking News: Attorney Reiner Fuellmich arrested, accused of embezzlement

Probably to counteract the risk of flight, attorney Reiner Fuellmich was arrested last Friday at Frankfurt Airport. He was lured into the German consulate at his current place of residence in Mexico under a pretext and brought to Germany. He is currently in custody. The charge is embezzlement - probably in connection with the use of funds from the well-known "Corona Committee".
In a live broadcast at Bittel TV on, the case was discussed on October 15 with Reiner Füllmich's lawyer. The broadcast is currently being translated into English and distributed via Telegram, so that the international media could report shortly.

An article (below) includes a translation of a German broadcast.

Reiner Fuellmich Taken From German Embassy In Mexico On Passport Errand, Flown To Frankfurt and Arrested

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International lawyer and freedom advocate Reiner Fuellmich seized by German government in Mexico

German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, who had been working on a project known as the “Second Nuremburg” to hold the originators of the Covid bioweapon plot accountable, was seized over the weekend by German authorities in Mexico where he and his wife had been staying. He was promptly flown to Germany and arrested.

Former president of the Asia Institute, Emanuel Pastreich, stated in an article for Global Research:
We know that if we do not stop this effort to destroy the rule of law, at every level, to create a separate realm that belongs only to the very wealthy and powerful, that we are guaranteed a global fascistic system which will, if it can, exterminate us in precisely the way that was attempted in Europe in the 1940s.

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Pharma/EU Cabal Set Trap For Reiner Füellmich


Howell Woltz – "The Globalist who tried to kill us really hate Reiner Füellmich.” They must suppress the truth of these 17 million deaths—and anyone telling it—which is why they plotted to destroy Reiner Füellmich. He was arrested on warrants from two of Pfizer’s largest beneficiaries of these crimes against humanity—Germany and the the E.U.! In other words, the documents in German court today prove that they—Sholz and von der Leyen—broke the law, not Reiner Füellmich, who simply demanded the evidence required before they could approve, buy or mandate the poison. Continued at link.

A Message From Reiner Fuëllmich

By Patricia Harrity on November 19, 2023

As has been reported in the Expose, attorney Dr. Reiner Fuëllmich was arrested on Friday the 13th October while trying to renew a passport. He was detained in Mexico and escorted back to Germany where he was rearrested and imprisoned. There has been very little publicity surrounding his arrest and current situation, however, we have previously published an update on Dr. Fuëllmich that had been shared by his friend Dr. Elsa Schieder and attorney Dagmar Schoen on the 28th October. The video and transcript can be seen here.

Last week Elsa Scheider again, shared an update, this time with a very short message from Dr. Fuëllmich. It is very short, however, I thought it worth sharing here as it confirms, if not a lot else, that after a month, Reiner Fuëllmich is still in prison!

On the 9th November ELSA wrote.

I know you want to know. So here is the update from There was a personal message from Reiner.

He is doing well, is thankful for all of you for being there.

He has a TV and has now had contact with other prisoners and knows the stories of several of them.

Letters take about 2 weeks to get screened. He gets only 30 a day, and is grateful for each and every one.

There were also messages from Roger Bittel (of that we can now make donations to a German bank account.

I (Elsa) will get the details and send them to you as soon as I have the exact information. For any donation, you need to specify what it is to be spent on: legal costs, etc. Everything must go to the designated expense.

Roger also gave details about the arrest. As the passports of Reiner and his wife had been lost somehow, new ones had been requested, along with an extension of their visas. This had all been done uneventfully. They were to pick them up from the airport, as the consulate was closed. But instead of being given the papers, they were taken into custody for not having the papers they were supposed to be picking up. Reiner was told there were also matters relating to him in Germany.

Reiner’s wife was eventually released, but not Reiner. He was flown first to the States and from there to Frankfurt, where the file was opened and his attorneys were able to see the charges against him.

Continued at link...

Reiner Fuellmich Update - 23/10/28. Dagmar Schoen gives the update.

Reiner Fuellmich Update - 23/10/28. Dagmar Schoen gives the update.

Dagmar concludes:

[…] “…It’s true they have been very jealous of him because he has this energy and this power, and this ability to connect with so many people. “And still to be so precise and clear. And that you can feel his heart. You can feel that he’s a real person… “…If a real person talks then our hearts open because that’s the heart-to-heart connection that happens then.”

While this case is ongoing you can send a message to Reiner via Dagmar:

Connect with Elsa Schieder

Source – The Truth Comes to Light.