Crime rises by more than 23% in one year in the Campo de Gibraltar

The crime figures continue the negative trend in 2022 in Campo de Gibraltar and close the third quarter of the year with an increase of 23.35% according to the data of the four towns with the largest population (Algeciras, La Línea, San Roque and Los Barrios), which are those included by the Ministry of the Interior in its figures.

Between these four localities they add up to 8,189 criminal offences accumulated from January to September. This figure is 1,550 more than the figure recorded in the same period last year, the aforementioned increase of 23.35%.

In general terms, the greatest increase was seen in robberies and thefts. Among the criminal acts specified in the statistics, thefts are the most numerous in the region (1,272), increasing by 30.7% (299 more than a year ago). Similarly, robberies with violence in buildings (261) increased by 27.9%, of which 196 were in homes (31.5% more); for their part, theft of vehicles (141) reached 23.7% more than a year ago (27 more cases of this type); as for robberies with violence and intimidation (87), they increased by 16%.

The most violent crimes show ups and downs. The five intentional homicides or murders recorded in these nine months are four more than in the previous year (a 400% increase, therefore), while this crime, but in the degree of attempt, with eight cases, presents two less (-20%). There is also an increase in crimes of tumultuous quarrels and serious injuries, with a total of 156 (55 more than in 2021), an increase of 54.5%.

Sexual offences are better, although they are up by 2.8%, as the six recorded assaults with penetration are a third less than the nine recorded in 2021.

Finally, drug trafficking fell by 4.4% despite being the third most frequent type of crime, with 258 cases, twelve fewer than in the same period in 2021.

In the comparison by municipalities, Algeciras has the highest number of criminal offences, as expected due to its population, with 4,247, which represents an increase of 27.4% compared to 2021 (912 more cases). The four homicides and the 81 crimes of serious injuries or tumultuous quarrels are the most outstanding data. The most positive data and the only type of crime that decreased are sexual assaults with penetration (three, half the number in 2021).

La Línea has the lowest increase in crime in the region, with 9.5% more crimes (1,763 in total, 153 more than a year ago). In proportion, burglaries in buildings (120%) and among them, in homes (+137.5%), which are 44 and eleven more, respectively, in a year.

In Los Barrios the increase compared to the third quarter of 2021 is 21.3% (927 crimes, 163 more). Thefts (+44.4%) and burglaries (+71.4%) are up, while the most significant decrease is seen in vehicle theft (-47.4%).

San Roque recorded the highest increase in crimes in the region, with 34.6% (322 more crimes, with a total of 1,252). Although crimes of a sexual nature (-56.3%) and drug trafficking (-43.7%) fell, thefts (+40.2%) and assaults and riots (+43.7%) increased.

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