Covid lies are needed to sustain the medical gold rush

By Guy Hatchard

So how or why did medical professionals get it all so terribly wrong? From my own correspondence, it is clear that in the early days, there was still a significant amount of caution. Medsafe asked Pfizer a long list of questions about their safety concerns. Biotechnologists I corresponded with were willing to underline the experimental nature of the vaccine and admit there were a lot of unknowns. But this wasn’t everyone.

The Covid Pandemic Was a Moving Gravy Train and Many Were Anxious to Get on Board

For medical professionals, there were huge opportunities for career advancement and promotional payments for those willing to speak up in favour of vaccination. For the media, advertising revenue could rocket if you made the right noises. For politicians, there was public exposure on a scale never before seen. In the beginning, there was little reliable data, and the temptation to exaggerate was huge.

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