Covid is a Global Military Operation, We’re Facing Genetic Genocide


Former Soviet military physician Dr. Igor Shepherd provides his analysis of the current so-called pandemic, which he says is an enormous global military psychological operation implemented by communist-crazies who have infiltrated the governments of all nations. Their goal is to silently usher in a post-Covid-19 world government via The Great Reset and decimate all freedoms and civil rights. SARS-CoV-2 (and all of its deadly variants) does not exist, and is not a bioweapon from the Wuhan lab in China. The ruse of an actual virus is required in order to mandate the true biological weapon, the Covid-19 vaccinations, for the purposes of the DNA transformation of humanity and genocide (depopulation). He believes that the great power rivalry between the East and West is a charade and that all states are on the same page. However, it is possible that there is a second military component to follow the ongoing silent and biological first phase of the Covid operation. America has become spiritually, economically, and politically bankrupt. Having been removed from superpower position, it also risks being physically destroyed.

Dr. Igor Shepherd is a nationwide public speaker on WMD’s and counter-terrorism, and spent the last 20 years working in the public health arena training hospitals, healthcare professionals, first responders, law enforcement, federal agencies, and military on CBRNE preparedness.

Dr. Igor Shepard's Reports on Lew Rockwell:

Covid-19: A Psychological Military Operation, Part I

Covid-19: A Psychological Military Operation, Part 2

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America's military being gutted in preparation for Chinese military invasion

The Heritage Foundation has released a truly disturbing report that analyzes the strength of the U.S. military, which is being systematically dismantled by Democrat presidents. That report reveals that the entire United States military has just 300 land missiles remaining in its entire arsenal.

That's compared to over 12,000 missiles owned by Russia and 14,000 in China's military.

This means that in a land war, the US military will run out of missiles in mere hours or days, while China and Russia can continue to launch missiles for many months (or years).

Making matters even worse, as Newstarget has reported, "U.S. military running out of key munitions including anti-tank Javelins by gifting them to Ukraine as production capacity falls."

In essence, the US has emptied its military munitions vaults and sent everything to Ukraine where it's vanishing.

This means America is now incredibly vulnerable to a land invasion by China.

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