COVID COMEBACK? Fine for now but the battle remains


Gibraltar can feel satisfied about its current position in the face of Covid-19, but it remains a battle that can turn against you, and its up in the air when the Rock can return entirely to pre-pandemic normalities.
All of the recent information surrounding the virus has been positive, as the first territory to have a wholly vaccinated population.

Official figures up to May 18, confirmed that 75,181 residents and cross border workers had received both vaccine doses, from the age of 16 to over 100.
Gibraltar has used the Pfizer vaccine, but also has received the Astra Zeneca vaccine via RAF deliveries from the UK.
Public Health England (PHE) has reported some very encouraging figures, that 13,000 deaths in the UK had been prevented by the vaccines up to May 9.
Also that 39,100 hospitalisations had also been avoided by immunisation, statistics that bode well for Gibraltar.
Cases have also fallen by a significant amount according to the World Health Organisation, certainly since the rapid rate of infections that was found over Christmas and New Year, with a peak of 180 infections on January 1.